3 interesting Instagram accounts to follow when you have eczema

We reveal our selection of accounts to follow to fill up on information and advice on eczema and, above all, learn how to live better with it!

Eczema is a very common skin condition that is usually characterized by dry skin that differs in severity from person to person (this can range from feeling very dry to areas of thickened skin and really rough), the appearance of red patches on the epidermis and itching of varying intensity on the skin, although it can actually take many specific forms with sometimes even weeping and the formation of scabs. Located on the body, face and sometimes even the scalp, it is particularly difficult to live with because it can be painful in addition to being unsightly like acne. If the quest for new cosmetics capable of controlling eczema flare-ups has been widely heard by beauty brands who are constantly developing, perfecting and enriching their ranges of products for atopic skin, the advice to better cope with the inconveniences of this skin disease and the spaces dedicated to those who live it are still too few because it is still very often a taboo subject. Fortunately, despite their propensity to convey biased images of reality, social media has also become a meeting place and voice for many people with skin conditions. We therefore present three Instagram accounts to follow to support you in your daily eczema.


More than a personal Instagram account, the @holaexzema account maintained by Camille – coach in global health and eczema warrior in his spare time since the age of three months – is presented both as a testimony – that of the ups and downs of Camille's atopic dermatitis – and as a space for people to speak out for people suffering from this skin disease which goes well beyond a few dry skin and itching. With this account, Camille does not of course intend to cure her subscribers with her tips, but she focuses on the support she can give to other eczematous patients through their exchanges "of"eczema warrior at eczema warrior ” as the main respondent explains in one of her videos. Propagating a global vision of the management of this skin condition, it underlines in passing the devastating effects of exzema on the morale and daily life of those affected, which sometimes becomes very difficult between sleepless nights, pain, itching and shame. On her own account, the young woman makes herself available for questions and likes to share each other's solutions with her community to help everyone find this little care tip that can perhaps make the difference for him / her.
And if you like this Instagram account, then it's a safe bet you'll also want to take a look at the blog which covers this subject in more depth in writing.


Created by Joanne when her eczema was chronic and she felt very isolated despite her supervision by the doctors, this Instagram account is the diary of the young woman who wants to be the testimony of her daily life marked by eczema but not only. Eczema warrior and “skinfluencer” because of her skin problems, she shares images of when her skin is in crisis (feet, legs and hands whitened and cracked by dryness but also damaged scalp), tips for better experience the inconvenience of eczema, products that brought him (re) comfort but also new makeup, hairstyle tutorial videos, as well as various and varied cooking recipes and decoration inspirations. In short, something to inspire in various areas in addition to focusing on skincare for eczematous skin. Speaking of her eczema with great sincerity, Joanne's account reminds us in passing that dark skin tones also sometimes suffer from eczema in addition to being naturally drier than Caucasian skin. A fact that is not yet talked about enough in the world of beauty. It is clear that we are often used to approaching the care of this skin disease through the prism of white skin, which sometimes makes it difficult to diagnose when the skin is not! Supporting photos, this account may therefore be useful for some who have eczema without even knowing it.


Here is a fairly recent Instagram account on eczema (his first post only dated May 2020) but which is already looking very promising with its thirty or so posts as of the date of this writing. Far from risking polluting your feed Instagram with photos of distressed skin that could end up tarnishing your morale, the @theeczemaedit account held by Krista meets all the criteria of instagramers the most demanding and every post that appears there has been carefully prepared, it shows. Admittedly, the young woman does not hesitate to share in all transparency the images of her eczema on the face, whether it is located on the eyelids or even on the outline of her mouth, but she especially applies to reveal to her community the new products she has tried and to present the skincare routines she validates to take care of her atopic skin by posting pretty pictures! Inspirational mantras, considerations on topical drug treatments she has experienced or taking vitamins, homemade mask recipe … The young woman's posts are varied and her account therefore does not lack resources despite her young age. In short, an account with a nice aesthetic as we love them on Instagram but which mainly talks about eczema!

Scars and complicated skin, EnjoyPhoenix opens up and reveals itself without filter on Instagram:

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