3 movies to watch this weekend thanks to secret codes

In your opinion, the Netflix streaming platform offers too many choices? Knowing which movie or series is taking a long time to watch? Fortunately, Netflix’s secret codes are a game-changer.

Sometimes finding a movie to watch on Netflix is ​​as much time as watching the movie itself. We hang out on Netflix, we hesitate, we can’t seem to know what mood our brain is in to, at least, choose the kind of film we could watch. All this is without counting the times when you are two, or even more, to be wedged in front of the TV, because it is also necessary to agree. And we don’t even tell you about your regularly updated Netflix list that has never been empty for years …

Fortunately, there are many life-saving tricks for this! It is enough to counter Nettlix’s algorithm with secret codes which allows you to access the films and series of the platform by category. How to do ? It’s simple: to discover all these “hidden” programs, just copy paste this URL into your search engine: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/ Then, type the code of the category that interests you. And if, even after using this trick, inspiration still doesn’t come to you, let yourself be guided by this selection of our favorite films in our favorite categories!

“The time of an autumn”, on Netflix, in the category romantic drama: 1255

Fancy a vintage teen movie that you haven’t seen in years? The Time of an Autumn is one of the films that made us cry during our teenage years. And for good reason, the feature film directed by Adam Shankman tells the love story between two teenagers, Landon and Jamie. If their romance has everything to dream, Jamie is suffering from a serious illness. Landon will stop at nothing, however, and together they make the most of every moment until the last minute. Even more poignant, the young boy decides to make all the wishes his girlfriend has put on a list come true. How do I find the movie on Netflix? Just copy and paste http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/1255 in your search bar. The film is classified under the category “romantic dramas.”

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“Massacre at the Palace of Laughter”, on Netflix, in the category B horror films: 8195

If depressing love stories aren’t your thing, we’ve got plenty to offer you the complete opposite of romantic dramas. Netflix is ​​full of horror movies. Better yet, a B-series horror film stands out, Massacre at the laughing palace. Directed by Andy Palmer, this feature film released in 2015 at the cinema follows serial killers on the run. They arrive in a fairground on Halloween and cause carnage there. A group of children, a sheriff and his deputy will try, at all costs, to arrest them. To find this little B-series nugget on Netflix, go to this link in your search engine http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/8195

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“State Lies”, on Netflix, in the Spy Action & Adventure category: 10702

On the strong feeling side, there is no need to stuck with a bloody and ultra gory film either. The Spy Action & Adventure category is full of gripping thrillers. This weekend, we strongly advise you State lies. The cast is five stars as Leonardo Dicaprio, Russel Crowe and Mark Strong are reunited on screen. Director Ridley Scott features an ex-journalist, Roger Ferris, recruited by the CIA to track down a terrorist based in Jordan. He will have to secure the support of CIA veteran Ed Hoffman and the Jordanian intelligence chief. To find State lie on Netflix without a hassle, copy paste http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/10702 in your search engine.

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