3 police officers injured – Lower Austria: 23-year-old arrested after robbery

In the district of Neunkirchen, a 23-year-old Viennese was arrested on Monday evening, who is accused of two completed robberies and an attempted crime of this kind. Three officers were injured when they tried to stop them. There was also talk of the use of firearms.

The suspect is said to have visited a tobacconist in Aspang-Markt around 6 p.m. It remained an attempt at a robbery. This was followed by two shops in the community. Nobody got hurt. Police spokeswoman Manuela Weinkirn reports that the perpetrator fled in a car along with the loot. He is said to have run over an officer’s foot. Two colleagues later had to save themselves by jumping to the side. Last but not least, a company car was touched. There was also talk of the use of firearms. Nobody was injured. The Viennese was finally arrested after about an hour in Grimmenstein, also in the Neunkirchen district. The crime scene and robbery group of the State Criminal Police Office have taken over the investigation.
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