3 proofs Edward Cullen of “Twilight” is the worst guy on earth

Stephenie Meyer’s cult saga “Twilight” is available on Netflix. The opportunity to remake these films which made Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart known. Only one observation: Edward is ultra-toxic. Save Bella!

Twilight, love it or hate it, is one of the cult pop sagas. Beginning in 2008, film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novels only increased the awe-inspiring excitement surrounding the love affair between high school student Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen.

13 years after the release of the very first film Twilight, the saga is available on Netflix France and prances in the top 10 of the most watched works in France. The opportunity for fans, but also those nostalgic for these kitsch films at will, to plunge back into a love turmoil … which frankly has not aged well. In fact, at barely 17, Bella takes an expensive toxic relationship. From the first part, Edward turns out to be creepy at will. And for all the love we have for Robert Pattinson’s pale complexion, nothing catches up with the vampire’s ultra-dangerous predatory behavior. And for good reason…

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He’s a stalker

In Twilight Fascination, the first shutter, Bella wakes up regularly in her sleep, because she has the impression that one watches her sleep. Worse yet, she is convinced to see Edward in his room. It is far from being the fruit of his imagination… The mysterious young man enters her room and really watches her sleep when it suits him. Besides, when she questions him, Edward doesn’t deny it. And when she asks him how long he has been doing this for, he retorts that it has been two months since he suddenly returned to her room to watch her. Edward, a great romantic from our teenage years, is actually a psychopathic voyeur. Really creepy!

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He is 92 years older than her

Edward Cullen may look like a 17 year old young man, let’s face it: he is actually 109 years old. We know that “Love has no age” (whatever…), but Edward and Bella are totally incompatible. He comes from another era, was a teenager bathed in totally different mores and then had a multitude of experiences over a very long life. In short, this man is far too old for the humble and gentle Bella Swan, who is also a minor when she meets him. Edward has everything sugar daddy (Monsieur is very rich and likes to flambé casually) and the age difference has a huge impact on this “romantic” relationship.

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He decides everything for her

Indeed, there is a frightening relationship of domination in the relationship between the two lovebirds. Edward has complete control over Bella. Throughout the saga, he decides everything for her. When Bella, for example, explains that she wants to become a vampire in turn, Edward opposes it, as if his sweetheart’s advice wasn’t enough. This man is so toxic that he involves his family in this intimate relationship. In the second film of the saga, Twilight Temptation, the Cullens vote by show of hands on whether or not Bella should be transformed. We’re not even talking about the wedding between Bella and Edward, entirely organized by Alice, Edward’s adopted sister, who, as a bonus, allows herself to choose Bella’s lingerie for her wedding night… Did you say weird? Everyone decides for the heroine and no one cares about it. Poor Bella!

Of course, the same could be said of Jacob, the werewolf who fights for a place in the young girl’s heart. He also doesn’t want her to become a vampire when no one has asked him for his opinion. Her father even paid the latter to tell Bella to break up with Edward. And he will forge a very strange bond with his sweetheart’s daughter. Team Jacob, team Edward… Personally, we are team Bella!

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