3 reasons to see the film “Les Fantasmes”


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On Wednesday, August 18, 2021, the film “Les fantasmes”, directed by Stéphane and David Foenkinos, will be released. With its five-star cast, this feature film addresses the desires of various couples.

Karin Viard, Monica Bellucci, Jean-Paul Rouve, Carole Bouquet, Alice Taglioni, Denis Podalydès, Nicolas Bedos, William Lebghil, Suzanne Clément, Ramzy Bedia… The list of the XXL cast of the feature film “Les fantasmes”, directed by Stéphane and David Foenkinos, is endless. In six sketches, the film retraces the initiatory and erotic journeys of so many couples. And their most shameful desires are explored there… Funny, intelligent, sometimes cynical, if you still hesitate to go see “Les fantasmes”, we have enough to convince you.

It’s about female desire

The desire of women is one of the themes still rare in cinema. But Les Fantasmes give it pride of place. Céline Sallette thus embodies a happy woman as a couple, but unhappy under the sheets. She struggles to communicate with her husband about his desires. Result: it simulates. And when she grasps what really turns her on, she doesn’t even tell him about it. With a lot of humor, Les fantasmes questions without complex the difficulty of talking about female sexuality, even in 2021.

The Monica Bellucci duo – Carole Bouquet

Stéphane and David Foenkinos’ film makes visible even the invisible. We follow a mature lesbian couple played by Monica Bellucci and Carole Bouquet. An age group and a sexual orientation rarely represented, which give a hell of a blow to dark rooms used to lovemaking between young heterosexual first. Bonus: the iconic Monica Bellucci and Carole Bouquet are reunited here for the first time in the cinema. And the chemistry is there.

Zero judgment on couples

Role-playing games, wacky kink … In view of the pitches of the six stories, the risk was to make the couples look ridiculous. But on screen, Fantasies never pass judgment. Tears turn you on? Does death seem sexy to you? Are you and your partner sober? Don’t panic, Stéphane and David Foenkinos have a benevolent gaze on all sexualities, as long as they exist between consenting adults. With Fantasies, we laugh, but we never laugh, I promise!

Article produced in partnership with Gaumont.

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