3 reasons why we always find ourselves “terrible” in photos

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3 reasons why we always find ourselves “terrible” in photos

There are various reasons why we are dissatisfied with photos of us.


Satisfied with the look in the mirror, you take a quick photo. But then your mood quickly turns to dissatisfaction, because the result looks “bad”. We’ll tell you why that could be.

We feel good and we radiate it – so why not take a photo too? But as soon as the shutter button was pressed, we already regret it. The result simply does not meet our expectations, although we were actually satisfied with our reflection.

Avoid these mistakes to get better photos

Why is it that we see something completely different when we look at the recordings? It shouldn’t really be due to the poor resolution. In our video we give you three reasons why we always look so “terrible” in photos so that you can avoid certain mistakes in the next shoot.

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