3 romantic comedies with Ashton Kutcher to rediscover

Accustomed to the roles of hunk in romantic comedies, Ashton Kutcher is love at first sight of generations of teenagers. It is also the guarantee of a successful romantic comedy. Here is our selection of three films with Mila Kunis’ husband.

Romantic comedies are arguably one of the most belittled movie genres. And yet what a joy to pour out your larmichette in front of the “happy end” announced from the beginning! If there is one actor often associated with love story castings, it’s Ashton Kutcher. We have therefore concocted a selection of three romantic comedies that are fun, with Ashton in it, of course!

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7 years of seduction

Oliver and Emily meet by chance while taking the plane, by a shattering tankard. Then, they gradually become friends, while looking for each other on the level of love.
For Ashton Kutcher’s mushroom cut, which proves to us that we can be sexy even while being on trial with your hairdresser as if to dream that the story with our crush of Terminale B could start again, this film is good! Especially since here it is not only the man who takes the lead: luckily Amanda Peet shakes up this stupid Ashton a little!

Valentine’s Day

“February 14 always leaves room for a love story… or a disaster!” proclaims the trailer. Whether or not you’re a fan of this festival of love, this movie will appeal to everyone.es It follows couples and singles of all ages in the crazy city of Los Angeles on D-Day of February 14. Between the one who organizes a counter Valentine’s Day, the one who asks for his girlfriend in marriage, the one who organizes an ironic report on this tradition or even a young Valentine who is only ten years old, destinies cross and collide. The cast is made up of stars on hits from the 2010s, a very refreshing reminder for the ears! You will also see Ashton Kutcher as a florist there, which can make you want to retrain.

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Sex friends

Can we sleep without falling in love? Subjects of innumerable discussions, very beautiful stories as well as beautiful disappointments, it is also the initial question of this film. Who does not fall into the cliché of the detached guy vs the hung girl, since here it is rather the opposite happening.

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Aufeminin had met Ashton Kutcher to discuss the film when it was released. Which has proven to us once again how much more than sexy he is. When we asked him what he liked best about Natalie, he said “the fact that she is unmistakably intelligent and brilliant”. Don’t change a thing Ashton!

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