3 series for fans of "Always there for you" to watch this weekend

"Always there for you" on Netflix is ​​a touching show set against a background of deep social issues. If you've binge-watchered the hit series before, you'll like these programs along the same lines.

We spoke to you about it some time ago. Always there for you is more than a feel good friendship series: Kate and Tully embody the evils that women endure in our patriarchal society. The subjects discussed are therefore concerning and binger watcher the series was an outlet for us viewers. This is without a doubt what made the series so successful on Netflix. Right now, we're still waiting for the announcement of a Season 2 and we're keeping our fingers crossed for it to happen. Just to be patient, discover a selection of series which, like Always there for you, talks about friendship, sorority and many other topics related to women.

"Dead To Me": two women bound by secrecy

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Dead to me, it’s the story of two women in conflict. However, they will befriend, because a heavy secret hangs over her … The complicity, the sorority that emanates from Dead to me remember Always there for you. If Kate and Tully are sometimes in conflict, they are animated by a necessary mutual help. The same goes for the duo of actresses Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini in Dead to me. To savor on Netflix!

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"The Bold Type": the working girls

The Boldt Type, this is THE feminist series in vogue in recent years. She promotes friendship at work by talking about a wide variety of topics that concern women. If we give it a few faults in the last few seasons, The Bold Type sheds light on the reality of ambitious young women today and how precious it is to always have the support of friends and colleagues by your side, despite patriarchal pressures. A little empowerment bubble to discover on Amazon Prime Video.

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"2 broke girls": two women and a "cupcake project"

In 2 broke girls, Max and Caroline have had totally different lives in the past. But united by their hard work as waitresses, they quickly befriended. From colleagues, they become roommates and then friends. But they don't stop there and dream together of one day opening a cupcake shop. The bet is on and they will start saving to reach their goal! This series can be enjoyed in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video.

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