3 series that make you addicted without seeming to watch this weekend

If Netflix is ​​full of successful series, it must be admitted that some boxes are surprisingly seen the subjects … However, the programs are fascinating. Focus.

There are Netflix successes that are difficult to explain, because some series, often documentaries, are aimed at a target that is not necessarily the general public. We think, at first glance, that those who are going to watch certain documentary series are already passionate about the subject in question and are thirsty to know more about it. In reality, this is a misconception, because there are many series that have won over surprisingly large audiences. Moreover, thanks to these documentary series, some spectateur.ice.s. have developed passions that would never have interested them before. We unveil three programs with impressive success that will also make you addicted!

“Formula 1”: you don’t have to be a Formula 1 fan to love it

This Netflix documentary series takes viewers behind the scenes of the F1 Championships. With its three seasons available on Netflix, the streaming giant has succeeded in rekindling the general public’s passion for motorsport. And season 3 was a resounding success since we follow the pilots there in the middle of the 2020 season which, inevitably, has been impacted by the health crisis! To binge watcher without hesitation on Netflix.

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“The Last Dance”: unheard of on Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a legend that we no longer present… And yet, Netflix offers a documentary series that makes you addicted with The Last Dance. It must be said that we discover new images, never published before and never seen even by early fans of the famous American basketball player. Moreover, at the exit of this documentary series, the own children of Michael Jordan claimed to have discovered images which they had never seen of their father.

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“In glass and against all”: the fascinating profession of glassblowers

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Sick of Top chet or Koh Lanta ? We have found a new competitive show that will obsess you and, most of all, change you from what you are used to seeing. On Netflix, In glass and against all is a contest that follows ten glassblowers ready to brave the fire to win $ 60,000. Flames, fire, ovens at 1000 ° C, sweat … In glass and against allis more worth the detour for its breathless suspense than for its play on words by way of title.

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