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Do you dream of a radiant complexion? This article is made for you ! Here, we show you the three golden rules of the perfect glowy complexion.

While the beautiful days tend to set in for good, we are already longing to take on some colors and display a fresh and radiant complexion as desired ! Focus on the complexion glowy : literally luminous complexion in French. If it is sometimes necessary to go through multiple stages to obtain it (makeup and skincare techniques combined), it turns out that three of them are truly essential to capture the light as it should and without doing too much. In this article, we reveal our advice for a complexion glowy perfect ! Bonus : you will also find a small selection of our favorite products for a result that could not be more radiant with beauty.

Tip number 1: unify the complexion

Display a unified complexion is the first step to take when it comes to adopting a complexion glowy. To do this, you must have a foundation, a corrector and a foundation adapted to the skin tone, before using it in order to reduce all the small spots, redness, spots or other irregularities of the face. Be careful, we recommend that you do not turn to just any cosmetics, but rather opt for light and transparent products. If they are enriched with micronacres, it’s even better ! Indeed: the result will be even more natural and radiant, the two essential criteria of the complexion glowy. A little extra tip: to achieve an even fresher result, you can mix a few drops of your foundation with your usual moisturizer before applying it or simply use a tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion. These options will be ideal for anyone who does not need high coverage.

Tip number 2: enhance the cheekbones

To display a skin tone glowy Worthy of the name, it is not enough to enhance your cheekbones with a few strokes of the brush blushed. Indeed, nothing beats the use ofblush pearly texture, which will attract light and give relief to this part of your face. Peach, apricot or pink cheekbones, it doesn’t matter! What matters is above all the iridescent end result and the way you will get it: keep your hand light and work the material up to the temples in a high, upward motion. If you are using a blush liquid, do not hesitate to blend it using the pulp of your fingers and voila. To you complexion glowy you dreamed of!

Tip number 3: illuminate certain areas of the face

Who says complexion glowy said shine, then there is no question of limiting yourself to foundation and blush iridescent (which all the same turns out to be a very good basis for work). To conclude the makeup of the complexion in the rules of the art, nothing beats the addition ofa good dose of light on a few very specific areas with a littlehighlighter : the top of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the browbones, the inner corners of the eyes … Warning: once again, keep your hand light and not confuse glow and shine. We’re talking about little touches of sparkle that are as subtle as they are well placed. In other words: a glow mastered. It’s the detail that makes all the difference. Besides, this does not only count for thehighlighter ! Indeed, if your skin tends to be combination to oily and you know that it can start to shine during the day, then we recommend that you do not skimp on the loose powder veil which will prevent unwanted shine, in particular on the T zone: forehead, nose, chin. Know that it is not because your complexion is slightly matified that it cannot be glowy. Remember that the glow and shine are two very different things!

Bonus: keep skin always well hydrated

Unlike shine, hydration is absolutely inseparable from glow ! To display a radiant complexion – regardless of the nature of your skin – your face must always be perfectly hydrated. In order to adopt the complexion glowy perfect, the skin not only needs to look healthy, it really is. If you can easily hide some irregularities in the complexion using a cosmetic intended for this purpose, the marks of dehydration are much more noticeable and likely to tarnish the final result. You will have understood it: before you tackle your make-up, go through the hydration phase is essential. Indeed, the latter will not only allow you to obtain a much more harmonious result, but also to take advantage offoolproof makeup hold. Be careful, after applying the moisturizer of your choice, we still advise you to wait a few minutes before starting to apply makeup to your complexion to be sure that the material adheres well.

Once these golden rules are put into practice, you can then choose to enhance your beauty treatment as you see fit. Will you choose to wear your skin tone glowy in all simplicity or rather to enhance it with a lipstick or an eye shadow? It’s up to you to decide. So all you have to do is adopt the complexion glowy throughout the year by varying the pleasures and inspirations!

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