3 tips to know if a soup has gone bad and should be thrown away

Your homemade soup is delicious, but starting to date? And you don’t know if it’s still consumable? Don’t panic, it’s easy to check if it lacks freshness or not.

You’ve spent time peeling your carrots, greens, onions, garlic, simmering them, and seasoning them. You have skilfully mixed the ingredients. Then, for 1,2, or 3 days, you tasted your homemade winter soup with a touch of cream, a little grated cheese, and croutons. But you don’t know if it’s still good to eat.

Know that a soup can be kept from 2 days to 7 days according to its composition. So that it does not turn, it must also be kept in good conditions, preventing the proliferation of bacteria.
To do this, once ready, let it cool. Place it in a airtight glass containere and put it in fridge. Protected from light and in a cool place, it will keep better.

Soups that contain animal products : fresh cream, milk, butter, fish or eggs for example, keep for a shorter time. Why ? These foods are more susceptible to the formation of bacteria. These can cause food poisoning, so it is imperative to consume this type of soup under 2 days max, keeping them in the refrigerator. Despite all the right conditions, a soup can turn unexpectedly and quickly. To know whether it has turned or not, there is 3 skills to check if it is still consumable, identified with our colleagues from

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The look of the soup

First, a fresh soup looks the same as the day it was created. If foam, an odd lighter color, or lumps form in it, do not consume it. If it’s slimy and you’re in doubt, don’t take any chances, it’s probably inedible.

The smell of a soup that has gone sour

The sense of smell is a sense that does not deceive to know if our soup is still good. A rancid, unpleasant or strong odor is a sign that it has turned.

The taste of your soup has changed

If when tasting your soup, its taste is sour, rancid or simply unpleasant, it is surely no longer good. If upstream, its smell and its appearance indicate that it is turned, don’t taste it. You could make yourself sick. The best thing is to throw it away and prepare a new one.

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