3 types of friends we need for happy lives

In good and in bad times
3 types of girlfriends everyone needs for a happy life

Hardly anyone makes us laugh like our best friends.


Not only the family and partnerships are important to us. We also need good friendships for a full life. You can find out in the video which three types of girlfriends are particularly important to us here.

No matter whether tears dry or tears laugh: Friendships are one of the most important pillars of our lives and accompany us through ups and downs. It’s no secret that without them we are pretty lonely and sometimes even helpless – but three types of friendships are particularly important.

You should definitely not do without these friends

These friendships play a particularly essential role and make our lives a lot more colorful and beautiful. Find out in the video which three soul friendships you should definitely not miss.

Source used: psychologytoday.com


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