3 ways not to be cold in skirts and dresses this winter

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The winter cold is here. Our 3 tips for continuing to wear skirts and dresses without getting cold this winter.

Sacrificing your style because of the cold? No question since you can easily combine the two. Despite the temperatures that continue to drop, winter is a season rich in fashion trends that can easily be adopted despite the cold. Very long and thick toupee coats are both beautiful and warm, for example. The same goes for the aviator type jackets that we see everywhere these days. Even the long and thick down jacket is in vogue. It is ideal for being stylish even when the temperatures are low.

Another piece is everywhere this fall-winter: the skirt. The latter is very fashionable, whatever the season. We see it long, but also mini. We like the two cuts: one came back from the 90s-2000s while the other was very fashionable in the 1960s. If in summer you can easily wear these bare-legged skirts, in winter it’s more complicated. Or else, it’s that you’re not chilly. We prefer to wear tights to protect the legs. There areother tips to avoid getting cold with a skirt this winter.

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1/ Wear “fleece” tights

These tights made the buzz. This is an ingenious invention that keeps your legs warm while looking stylish. It is tights lined with a warm fleece fabric. It does not add volume to the leg and above all, it does not show. Indeed, as the fabric is flesh-colored, it looks like you are simply wearing 40 denier black tights (slightly opaque). The illusion is total!

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2/ Put skirts in warm materials

Some materials are warmer than others. This is the case of leather or imitation leather for example. The same goes for mesh. And that’s good because long knit skirts are particularly popular this fall-winter. We wear them with a matching sweater or with a chunky colored knit, for example. Velvet is also a perfect material for winter. Dare to wear short or long velvet skirts with a wide sweater over it and a pair of ankle boots or thigh-high boots to complete the look. If satin is very trendy, it is not very warm, so if you opt for a satin skirt, you prefer long models in order to cover the leg as much as possible.

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3/ Bet on flesh-colored leggings

Do you have nude leggings and simple black tights? So you have everything you need to be warm in a skirt. Put on your flesh-colored leggings, then your black tights. The illusion is total! However, it must be worn with shoes that cover the ankle because otherwise the mark of the leggings will show. We opt for high boots, ankle boots or waders.

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