30 ideas for organizing your office area

A drawer unit, two brackets and three shelves and here is a custom-made desk that takes place in a recess. IKEA atmosphere

Long considered undesirable in the family sphere, the office – or office corner – is now an integral part of the decor of the house. Whether in the living room, in the bedroom, or for the lucky ones, in a dedicated room; whether it’s one day a week or more, working from home has become the norm for most of us. It is therefore high time to adopt a real workspace by providing it with comfort and why not, design.

No more wasting time in transport, tailor-made working time, healthier lunches… teleworking offers many advantages. But telecommuting doesn’t mean working on a corner of the kitchen table, between breakfast crumbs and preparing the midday meal. Sprawling on our bed, Netflix in the background, is not a good solution to work in good conditions either! If the physical office is not compulsory, the priority remains the same: to be well in order to be productive! Well installed, well organized, well lit… In short, comfortable to work!

Follow our advice to organize your space well with decoration, storage and suitable lighting.

To be quiet

The holy grail, of course, is of course being able to have a dedicated room in which to set up your office. But even if you can’t devote an entire room to it, you can optimize a corner of the apartment. Entrance, hallway, wall left free or alcove, everything is good to slip in a tablet, a retractable secretary or a wall desk.
Install a removable partition for you isolate without masking the light is also a good alternative.
Leroy Merlin offers nomadic glass roof models, easy to install without being a DIY expert. At Ikea, there are a whole bunch of systems that offer the possibility of creating a space in an existing room. The Kallax library, open on both sides, can provide an office area, while saving storage space. And for small surfaces, the Swedish giant has just launched an acoustic separator. It sits on a table in 5 seconds and reduces the sensation of noise. Perfect for making a phone call or having a Zoom meeting.
advice : so as not to be tempted to put on all the episodes of the new Hit & Run series instead of wrapping up your current files, place your desk as far as possible from your TV.

Choose an office suitable for your apartment

You don’t have to have a mahogany desk like in the White House to be productive! If you are staying in a small studio, adopt flexible furniture mounted on casters. Clever, it will adapt to small spaces and to different situations of the day. An entrance console or a dressing table in the bedroom can also become your new office.
advice : The more do-it-yourselfers can make a corner desk with just a cut-out board and two legs. DIY stores offer many bases with various finishes that can be adapted to your decor.

A tidy desk is the guarantee of a productive spirit

Back to school is a great opportunity to get organized. There are bound to be desk organizers suited to your habits and your personality. For those who like to have everything close at hand, prefer perforated panels hung on the wall or transparent or mesh baskets to locate your equipment at a glance. Keep order in your drawers using drawer organizers that compartmentalize space to store items such as your pens, notebooks or current files. Choose aesthetic storage that will stimulate your creativity and make you want to work. Keep the clutter out of sight in pretty boxes with prints that match your decor.
advice : if you have no other solution than to sit on the living room table, don’t spread out! Consolidate all your work materials in a dedicated organizer that you can easily store in a locker or cupboard. This nomadic office will follow you everywhere.

Shine the light on you!

The ideal is to place your desk near a window to benefit from natural light. Whatever happens, complete this direct light with a table lamp or clip on your desk. The lack of light will tire your eyes and have a detrimental effect on your concentration.
An advice : Do not turn your back on the sun at the risk of seeing its reflections on your computer screen!