30 years in prison for Darth Vader! A lawsuit convicted the Star Wars villain

In Chile, a fictitious trial aimed at familiarizing citizens with the world of justice focused on the case of Darth Vader, an illustrious villain from the Star Wars saga.

Crimes, the most famous villain of the Star Wars saga has continued to commit in the cinema. From his very first steps on the path to the dark side in Revenge of the Sith to his dying breath in Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader has murdered, tortured, exterminated and persecuted across the galaxy.

But what exactly would the Sith Lord get if he was tried in a real court? In Chile, as part of Heritage Day aimed at providing citizens with a better knowledge of the world of justice, magistrates have asked themselves the question, as recently related by our colleagues from West France.

In Valparaiso, this May 28, a fictitious trial was therefore organized to judge Darth Vader. It should be noted that the latter has only been implicated here “only” for having cut off the hand of his son Luke Skywalker, in The Empire Strikes Back. His previous actions were not taken into account during the trial, which is rather fortunate for him given that, as a reminder, he had, for example, massacred dozens of Jedi apprentices and even blew up an entire planet.

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always according to Ouest-France articlefor having cut off his son’s hand, the court of Valparaiso sentenced Vader to “staying frozen for 30 years in carbonite”specifying moreover that he would have the“prohibition for 30 years from approaching the victim, Luke, at a distance of at least three planets”and the permanent ban on using the Dark Force as well as its lightsaber.

During the trial, the Star Wars villain even benefited from a lawyer – the man named Juan Carlos Manriquez – who pleaded in his favor by recalling that Vader was “a human being with rights”that there remained “a man” And “a father” even though he had almost become “a machine”.

What do you think of the result of this mock trial?

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