350 parking spaces gone? – Apartments instead of parking spaces in Favoriten

Excitement in Favoriten: Because new residential buildings will be built around the Wienerfeld estate in the near future, up to 350 parking spaces for residents will be lost. But the district calms down.

The city is growing, and the number of residents in the Favoriten district is also continuing to rise. With a total of 220,377 residents, there are already more people living in Tenth than in Linz, the third largest city in the country. Affordable living space is therefore in great demand. In the area south of Sibeliusstrasse, between Laxenburger Strasse and Neilreichgasse, new residential buildings are to be built in the next few years. But up to 350 local parking spaces could be lost, warns Favoritn district councilor Günter Kasal. Reason: In the Wienerfeld West settlement, a community building is being added with around 300 community apartments. An underground car park with 200 spaces is also planned for the new residents. “This is about parking spaces in the immediate residential area or within the residential complexes that are rented to the residents and will soon be canceled,” continues Kasal. A number of public parking spaces are also said to be affected. He also calls for a rethink. New housing construction should not lead to the destruction of parking spaces. That’s why Kasal is now planning a citizens’ initiative together with the “Citizens’ Platform Favorites”. Reassure the district and city planning. The office of district leader Marcus Franz (SPÖ) confirmed in response to a “Krone” request that 240 private parking spaces will be lost in the district. However, a replacement needs to be found for this. The first details should be known in a few months. City planning (MA21) states that climate-friendly city planning aims to “re-compact” areas that are already sealed in order to create urgently needed, affordable living space and at the same time avoid additional soil sealing. In addition, the area’s public transport connection via bus line 11 also speaks in favor of building more apartments here. Important educational infrastructure is also being built in the vicinity with a new kindergarten and a school, and additional green spaces are also planned. Public parking spaces are not affected by the project. The asphalt parking areas assigned to the residential buildings are largely being built on with new residential buildings for affordable apartments. A parking lot will also be unsealed and landscaped. The parking spaces will be relocated to two underground car parks, where additional parking spaces will also be created.
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