"365 Dni": why the Netflix erotic film arouses controversy: Current Woman

Released Sunday June 7, 2020 on the French catalog of Netflix, the erotic film 365 Dni ((365 days in French, editor's note) is at the center of a lively controversy. Directed by Barbara Bialowas, the Italian-Polish feature film tells of the relationship between a young woman named Laura and Massimo, a gangster from the Italian mafia. And the least we can say is that the beginning of their story is particularly shocking. From their meeting, Massimo kidnaps Laura by ingesting a sedative, the receiver and gives him a year to fall in love with him.

"Seen in this way, we perceive the portrait of a predator, perverse narcissist who will endanger Laura's life. But the approach of 365 Dni is a terrible mistake because the relationship between the two characters is seen as incredibly romantic and idealistic while the film is full of sexist stereotypes, encouraging a culture of rape", denounces Aufeminin.com. From the first minutes of the feature film, largely inspired by the saga 50 shades of Gray, spectators witness the assault of a flight attendant. "In flight, Massimo touches her, she bends down and is reduced to giving him a blowjob. No dialogue is exchanged between them. The young woman, tears in her eyes, leaves and displays a slight smile, suggesting that she finally liked this attack", reports the site.

The deeply shocked public

Between the trivialization of sexual violence against women and the glorification of the Stockholm syndrome, 365 Dni caused a uproar on social networks. Especially since Laura ends up becoming attached to her executioner. "I watched 365 Dni. I hated. The guy is a mentally ill, rapist, kidnapper ","I am deeply shocked that you can fantasize about the film 365 days, it’s the story of a narcissistic rapist who kidnaps a girl, it’s something that women everywhere are victims of", reacted Internet users. For the moment, Netflix has still not reacted to the controversy.

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