3x as much as place 2 – German premium brand has the most recalls

It’s getting tough for Mercedes. Not only that BMW has currently defended the title of the most successful premium car brand in the world ahead of the Stuttgart-based company, “der Daimler” is defending its inglorious top position in another ranking: Mercedes continues to have the most recalls!

The clean image – carried to the outside with the slogan “the best or nothing” – is crumbling, especially since Mercedes is in the bottom of the list in the latest reliability ranking of the US consumer magazine Consumer Reports. In addition, the expensive, just as elegant and comfortable electric sedans EQS and EQE (not only) in the “Krone” test with workmanship defects. A total of 207 recalls were reported to the EU platform RAPEX (“Rapid Exchange of Information System”) last year , of which Mercedes accounted for 39 alone, as reported by the unofficial recall platform That’s almost three times as many cases as the runner-up: Peugeot launched 15 recalls in 2022, just ahead of Volkswagen and Toyota with 14 cases each. Mercedes’ main competitor is in a much better position in 8th place, Audi is in 14th place behind Land Rover and Mazda )Toyota (14/10)Opel (12/10)Citroen (11/10)Ford (10/7)BMW (8/23)DS Automobiles (8/3)Kia (7/7)Despite by far the most recalls The placement of Mercedes can definitely be seen as a success, because last year the Stuttgart group had to bring car customers into the workshop a whopping 67 times (after 56 or 57 times in the two years before). There are some current Mercedes recalls a spectacular recall of the Mercedes G-Class 4×4² caused a stir: the rear axle of the luxury model costing at least 527,000 euros was about to break. However, only a good 800 vehicles are affected worldwide because the model is very exclusive. However, one that was recently added to the recall database (on January 13, 2023) affects a significantly larger number of cars: Exactly 1,058,481 copies of the M-Class and the GLE built between 2011 and 2019 have to go to the workshop because the ingress of water can paralyze the fuel pump control unit and thus the engine while driving. A recall for almost half a million CLC, CLK, CLS, C and E classes built between 2010 and 2020 is only three days older: the glass sliding sunroof can come loose on all of these models. And in almost 300,000 Mercedes (C, CLS, E, GL, GLC, GLE, GLK, GLS, M, S) the power steering can suddenly fail.
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