4-1 win in Salzburg – KAC fends off the match puck: Friday is about everything!

Win or fly! The red jackets traveled to Salzburg to bring the final series to Klagenfurt for a seventh duel. And did it! Because they got off to a super start, were more cold-blooded – and were able to bag a 4-1 win in the end.

What a furious start for the Red Jackets in the sixth final game in Salzburg! From the first second the attacks rolled towards the Bulls’ goal – with success! After just 78 seconds, Postma used a wonderful combination via Ganahl and Mursak to make it 1-0 into the far corner. And in the third minute the Salzburg goal rang again: Hundredpound serves Fraser in front of the goal and he sinks the ball high. The whole hall was in shock, you could only hear the Klagenfurt fans. Even though goalie Dahm had to make a dream save against Murphy in the fifth minute. Paul Huber shot past. The guests were a bit lucky in their own power play: mistakes in the build-up, Schneider brought the disc in front of the KAC goal, but Paul Huber clearly missed the goal. Shortly before the break, Salzburg’s Schilling pulled towards goal, but Dahm was able to defuse his backhand shot with his catching hand. And so the Klagenfurt team went into the locker room for the first time with a 2-0 lead.Schwinger to the postIn the second section, things got a bit tricky at the beginning because of two KAC penalties, but KAC goalie Dahm was able to defuse a solo by Mario Huber. It was close in the 30th minute: Schwinger shot from the side, but failed to hit the bar. Shortly later, Kraus and Obersteiner were also unable to put the puck in the goal. But then the home team got back into the game. A hidden shot from Murphy slipped under Dahm. After a video review (challenge from the KAC due to an alleged goalie disability), the goal counted. It remained 1:2 after 40 minutes.KAC out of nowhere!Salzburg started the final third with a flurry of chances: Robertson, Murphy and Raffl scored. But Dahm was there – even when Raffl shot from a tight angle in the 46th minute. Things got tricky when Dahm made a bad mistake on a pass, but then made a great save against Nissner from point-blank range (47th). Salzburg’s Lewington had to go down a short time later and received a puck full in the face (48th). And then suddenly out of nowhere: After a great pass from Mursak, Petersen shot the puck right over Tolvanen’s pad on the counterattack – for the much celebrated 3-1 lead. And the bull hall is suddenly as quiet as a mouse. . . (49th) Haudum with a dream solo! And when Haudum let three Salzburg players out with a dream solo and scored to make the final score 4-1, the lid was on – despite the Mozartstadt team’s crystal clear increase in chances (57th). Now there’s the all-important match for the title in Klagenfurt on Friday!
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