4.2/5! A real shock, the 2nd best film of 2023 has just been released!

Released this week, the documentary “All the beauty and the blood spilled” by Laura Poitras conquered the French press. His average is 4.2/5.

Awarded the Golden Lion at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, the shocking documentary All the Beauty and the Blood Spilled by Laura Poitras was released this week in cinemas. He is interested in the artist Nan Goldin, who revolutionized the art of photography and reinvented definitions of normality. A tireless activist, she has also fought for years against the Sackler family, responsible for the opiate crisis in the United States and around the world.

With an average of 4.2 out of 5 (for 22 press media present on AlloCiné), All the Beauty and the Blood Spilled ranks best film of the week, but also second best film of the year 2023 (behind the unbeatable The Fabelmans by Steven Spielberg and its rave rating of 4.9/5).


According to Liberation:

“Filmmaker Laura Poitras and photographer Nan Goldin, forming an eventful alliance, offer an incredible film to our time: both a retrospective and a manifesto of what art, life and political struggle – the triangle that they can train – are capable as things stand.” (Luc Chessel) 5/5

According to Positive:

“All the beauty and the bloodshed is a dark tale where commitment, intimacy and poetry mingle.” (Jean-Philippe Domecq) 5/5

According to South West:

“This moving film manages to illuminate Nan Goldin’s artistic work and her activism with the same intensity. On these two grounds, it describes a woman of integrity.” (Julien Rousset) 5/5

According to Cahiers du Cinema:

“Poitras, without comment or cardboard, manages to bring out the paradoxical position of Goldin, inside and outside. This propensity, this taste, even, to immerse herself without blending, to cross worlds, she shares it with the filmmaker, which, from beginning to end, against the egotistical tropism of any artist’s biopic, keeps the course of crossing an era.” (Charlotte Garson) 4/5

According to The Obs:

“The frozen faces of the Sacklers facing the families of their victims will not be forgotten, nor will those of the aged Goldin’s parents, imprinted with the denial and shame of a corrupt society.” (Nicholas Schaller) 4/5

According to Marie Claire:

“Laura Poitras retraces her wounds and her battles in the opiate scandal through a moving documentary-confession with psychoanalytical overtones.” (Emily Barnett) 4/5

According to Telerama:

“But All the beauty and the bloodshed fascinates even more with his self-portrait of Nan Goldin in the form of a photo-novel illustrated with his own images, some iconic, others unpublished.” (Samuel Douhaire) 4/5

According to Le Journal du Dimanche:

“An edifying observation, served by a powerful staging, in total empathy with its subject.” (Stephanie Belpeche) 4/5

According to First:

“By mixing the images of this fight with those of the aesthetic and intimate journey of the photographer, Laura Poitras draws the contours of an existence spent fighting against very powerful repressive American forces: yesterday’s puritanism, the rapacity and impunity of the hyper-rich today.” (Frederic Foubert) 3/5

According to Critikat.com:

“Conceived as fragments of a more global story, Nan Goldin’s photographs allow the documentary filmmaker to express the ineffable link between the events of a life and the construction of a vision of the world.” (Adrien Mitterrand) 3/5

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