4 decorating tips to transform your balcony into a little paradise

The arrangement of a balcony may seem complex at first glance, and yet with a few ideas and tips it is possible to optimize this small outdoor space and develop it into a true haven of well-being. Discover our ideas for decorating a small balcony cleverly!

Often smaller than a terrace, the surface area available on a balcony rarely exceeds 10 square meters. Whether it is all in length or square, there are many ways to arrange this outdoor space to make it the harmonious counterpart of your interior but outdoor version, a particularly important asset when the weather is nice and you want to put one foot outside without having to leave home.

With a few decoration or storage ideas and suitable furniture, you can transform your balcony into a real outdoor cocoon and enjoy the outdoors feeling like at home! Before you start decorating and furnishing your balcony, take the time to see what can be done, compile ideas for inspiration. Pinterest can be a great source of ideas.

How to arrange your balcony?

First of all, define the use you want to make of it: you may want to have lunch there, to rest there, to garden and why not to cook? In any case, check the rules of your condominium. The arrangement of balconies is often highly regulated. Follow the rules for landscaping to avoid possible penalties.

Also check its orientation towards the sun. A north-facing balcony will not offer the same possibilities as a south-facing balcony. This indication will guide you in the choice of your plants or the need to add or not a sun shade on your mini terrace for a less cold atmosphere.

Also think about the wind and the opposite. It may be necessary to find solutions to shelter you from glances or gusts while keeping style. And the choice of decorative elements, more or less light or heavy, could also be influenced.

Once you are clear on your desires and the possibilities available to you, all you have to do is let yourself be guided. Discover now these ideas, unearthed on Pinterest, to decorate a balcony with taste.

Save space on your balcony

The space on a balcony is often limited, especially if it is a continuous balcony, that is to say all in length. You have to show ingenuity and cunning to take full advantage of this little corner of the outdoors, a real source of happiness, provided it is properly designed.

To keep a maximum of floor space, the simplest idea is to use the height of the walls and the railing to put shelves, hang accessories, decoration, flower pots or planters.

You can use a trellis, a ladder to put against a wall or suspensions to hang. This will leave you more space on the floor to then install storage furniture, seats or a small table with the design of your choice.

To save even more space, choose two-in-one furniture such as a bench or a chest table. It will allow you to store your garden tools or to shelter your cushions and plaid while offering functional furniture. Today there is furniture that is both designer and practical at affordable prices.

Create a cozy atmosphere

Transform your balcony into a small, intimate and cozy setting to enjoy the joys of the outdoors in peace. The balcony then becomes a real extension of the house, like a summer living room but can also be used in winter. With a pretty blanket and a hot chocolate, a breakfast on the terrace in the sun on a Christmas morning can become a reality.

We have spotted the essential elements to get to create a cozy atmosphere on your balcony for sure!

Placed on a seat or on the floor, the cushions are the essential decorative element that will bring comfort! The more, the better!

Also plan one or two plaids, useful for the moments of freshness, they will reinforce this impression of cocoon which makes you want to curl up.

To give style and add a little more privacy to your balcony, delimit the space with rugs. This accentuates the seating area and makes it feel like home.

  • Create an intimate atmosphere with candles or paper lanterns

To enjoy your balcony in the evening, add a few candles or paper lanterns to decorate and light up the space. They will give a warm and soothing atmosphere for your cool evenings.
To kill two birds with one stone, consider mosquito repellent candles. As useful as they are pleasant.

It’s not always easy to install something for a nap on your balcony. Think of the hammock! It has the advantage of hanging on easily, avoiding monopolizing the floor space and being removable according to your needs and the seasons. Its style will add a bohemian touch to your decor and your naps will take on a new dimension.

Create a green garden and even … a vegetable patch

Take advantage of your balcony to create a small city garden. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the benefits of plants (herbs, shrubs, flowers, etc.). The city will thank you for revegetating this space by providing a little oxygen and greenery necessary for the development of biodiversity. Plants also bring a bit of coolness in summer and can be an excellent breeze-screen if you are prone to being overlooked. You can even create a mini vegetable garden to grow tomatoes, salads, strawberries … No need for a large space, compact solutions exist, even above ground.

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Install suitable furniture

If you have followed our advice to save space on your balcony, you will certainly be able to install furniture, very designer or more classic, according to your tastes.
Folding chairs and tables are perfect for fitting into a balcony. They will give you the opportunity to eat lunch or work in comfort outdoors rather than spending your life indoors.

You will also find specially designed furniture to hang on your railing and offer you a small table or a mini bar. Very practical when you do not have the space to deploy a real table. There are less than 20 euros at Ikea, for example.

Also think about rolling services, which are not reserved for those with a garden. On several floors, they allow you to bring home the essentials to easily enjoy them on the balcony without taking up too much space.

Trolley, 35x45x78 cm, € 39.99 at Ikea

Play the recuperation card

No need to spend a thousand and cents to arrange a nice balcony. With a few recycled ideas, you can make a small living room, a planter or wooden shelves while keeping style. DIY decoration is good!

Pallets are very easy to divert from their primary use. They have the advantage of having a quality wood that is weather resistant and therefore perfect for outdoor use.
You will find many DIYs to help you make a bench, a coffee table or a hanging wall for your plants.

  • Collect wooden crates

The wooden crates used in markets or in the vegetable department are perfect for making small shelves placed on top of each other or hung directly on the wall. When turned upside down, they can also be used as a small side table, to place a plant or a cup of coffee / tea. Their rustic and raw style will fit perfectly into a bohemian, Scandinavian or even industrial decor.

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