4 good reasons to adopt a retinol eye cream

Active anti-acne and anti-aging star, retinol is a vitamin with many beneficial effects for the skin. Find out why it can be interesting to adopt it in an eye cream.

As essential as hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, the retinol is a vitamin A derivative and an ingredient we hear a lot about in the face care industry. Known to be a formidable solution against acne and considered to be one of the most effective anti-aging active ingredients on the market, however, it has the bad reputation of not being well tolerated by the skin. This is why the use of a retinol-based treatment around the eye area can frighten some people who wonder if this ingredient is really suitable for this fragile skin.

However, an eye contour treatment with retinol does indeed have an interest in this zoned of the face which is there first to undergo skin aging and to be marked by fine lines. Explanations with insight from Jane Savage, European Marketing Director of the ROC brand, who tells us more about the benefits of retinol-based eye contour treatments and teaches us how to use them safely.

1 – It does not only act on dark circles and puffiness

If the eye area is marked by signs of fatigue (dark circles, bags), it is also an area of ​​the face where the skin is very thin and poor in sebaceous glands, which therefore makes it more prone to dryness and luster. installation of wrinkles. A retinol eye cream will therefore provide a global response to all these issues in one treatment. It will stimulate the cell renewal process in order to reduce the signs of aging, “Especially fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin and uneven texture” as the expert says, in addition to fighting against dark circles. In addition, since it fights against hyperpigmentation, retinol will also be effective on dark circles which are linked to a surplus of pigments in the skin and not to poor blood circulation. Used after the age of 50 – the age at which the skin tends to become thinner over the entire face – this active ingredient will also counteract the natural thinning of the skin which tends to show more and more the veins which are just below and are at the origin of dark circles more and more marked.

2 – Retinol is a hyper-effective anti-aging active

If you are looking for an anti-wrinkle eye area, a retinol cream is an ideal option because it is a benchmark asset who is recognized for his efficiency. It is also regularly recommended by dermatologists because it reveals “Transformative effects on the skin” Jane Savage explains to us. What to see the difference at a glance!

3 – This asset is not as irritating as it is said

If he is a champion of skin regeneration, it is because retinol is a very active molecule with exfoliating properties which can sometimes cause skin dryness, redness, itching or even make the skin peel. It is therefore believed – wrongly – prohibited for sensitive skin. However, the expert is categorical: he Suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin even if it has to “Start by using the product once or twice a week” before “To increase the number of applications as the skin gets used to retinol”.
Jane Savage also recalls that when it comes to eye contour care, the products are specifically designed to respect the sensitivity of this delicate facial skin and to be able to be applied daily without risk of irritation to the skin.

You have particularly reactive skin and are really afraid of these “Allergy risks” ? Do a skin test by “Trying the product on a small area of ​​the skin to check that there is no allergic reaction” before using it on the eye area.

4 – It is suitable for everyone regardless of age

Far from being reserved for over 40s, retinol-based eye contour treatments are suitable for everyone, men and women, regardless of age. The expert even recommends that we integrate it into our skincare routine as soon as possible: “It’s never too early to start an anti-aging routine with retinol. Early use of retinol products helps fight fine lines and wrinkles before they even become visible ” she assures.

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How to use a retinol eye cream?

While it may be useful to gradually introduce the product into your skincare routine to avoid any risk of adverse reactions, this is not the only precaution to take with a retinol eye contour. As with any product fortified with this vitamin, you will need to “Imperatively apply sunscreen of at least SPF15 ” on your skin when you use it. Retinol is, in fact, a photosensitizing active Who “can be used safely on sunny days ” but on this one condition.

Apart from this specificity, you can apply an eye contour treatment with retinol as per usual : by taking a dose of care the size of a grain of rice and depositing it at the level of the orbital bone (the part of the eye area that is hard under the fingers because there is a bone under the skin) by tapping to decongest the eyes.

Obviously, the marketing director for Europe of the ROC brand finally recalls that “If the product comes into contact with your eyes, you must rinse it immediately with water” but it is “As with all skin care products”.

Retinol, the star of anti-aging vitamins:

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