4 hairstyles that we will see everywhere in the fall


The hot days are counted, which means that we can mentally and hair-technically prepare for autumn. And with these four trendy hairstyles!

What the beach waves are in the summer is in autumn … good question! What hairstyles are we wearing this fall? When it gets colder and our outfits get fatter, we usually change our hairstyles as well. Of course we are allowed to wear Beach Waves in the fall – but in addition we will see these four hairstyles everywhere. We’re sure!

Half-up, half-down

In autumn we love volume. That is why we will encounter a hairstyle very often: half-up, half-down – or half-high, half-down. We leave a part of the hair down and at the top of the head we tie a braid or a bun. If you want, you can spice up the open part with waves or just let it go smoothly. It looks especially cool if you tie the braid up tight with a colorful scrunchie. Of course you can color-tune this to your look. How much love!


The alternative to scrunchies in the fall are hair bows. But not any – in autumn we prefer to wear hairbands with texture. Velvet or corduroy fit well here, for example. You can easily tie the hair bands around your bun or braid – that does not have to look accurate. Messy Styles are in fashion anyway this fall. Especially for simple outfits colorful hairbands can look super cool. If you have short hair, you can of course try to style the hairstyle. If it does not work: Berets are a great alternative for fall.

Deep braid

On warm days, we raise our hair so they do not hang on the neck. This is soon over, because in the autumn we put the braids finally lower again. The Low Ponytail is one of the trendiest hairstyles – and with good reason. He is super easy to style, you can wear it with almost any hair length and he just always looks classy. Either you wear the hair smooth or with light waves – or you just leave it as they just fall. Everything goes here!


Another plus for autumn: We can finally wear pony again. There is nothing worse at 30 degrees than hairs that stick to your forehead. Especially with medium-long and long hair, a pony looks totally beautiful. Here, the more casual, the better. You can also let yourself cut a few fresh steps, so the overall look is even more coherent. Which pony is left to you – there are baby bangs, curtain bangs or straight cut ponies. Which one is your favorite?