4 products that make our beauty routine a permanent holiday in May

My brush comeback

Editor Hannah now dares to use foundation brushes.

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Product: F13Brushes by Caia
Price: 19 euros
Effect: For a long time, I completely banned foundation brushes from my beauty routine. The results were often too hard, too masked, too heavy. Applying foundation with a brush always took too long in the past, I like things to be quick and practical. I wanted to give the F13 brush a chance to convince me otherwise. And I was not disappointed. The foundation can be applied naturally and, above all, quickly and easily. The wide head ensures a natural finish without streaks. The bristles are also super soft and the handle is long enough to be able to hold it flexibly in your hand.
Already gives me summer feelings because: I prefer a natural and, above all, light finish. The brush ensures that my foundation is perfectly distributed, but still feels as light as a feather on the skin and blends seamlessly with it. For me, there is nothing more unpleasant than makeup that just sits on the skin. It has to blend harmoniously with the skin, and this brush is perfect for that. My tip: Before applying, I spray Caia’s “That Dewy Look” spray onto the brush to make the finish even more radiant.

So shiny that I just want to tint

Melanie gives her hair a new shine with the “Dia Color” intensive tint.

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Product: L’Oréal Professionell Dia Color Intensive Tint in shades 5 and 5.8
Price: 12 Euro // Performed at Salon Volt by Minaelli in Hamburg
Promise: The innovative “Melanin Gap Filler Technology” of the intensive tint is designed to give the hair shine. Hyaluron and shea butter nourish the hair, and the color shine lasts for up to six weeks – ideal for refreshing the hair color without making a permanent change.
Effect: My hair really shines. I only really realized how dull my hair color looked before when I took the before and after photos. I wanted more depth, more highlights and simply a tone that would highlight my brown eyes. I am more than happy with the result and also that I didn’t have to commit to it, but the intense color washes out again. My hair doesn’t feel damaged at all – which of course could also be due to the L’Oréal Metal DX range, which was recommended to me and which I have been using religiously ever since. Now, three weeks after the treatment, the color is a little lighter, but still just as bright as it was at the beginning. I definitely want to try out more shades!

Already gives me summer feelings because: My summer self is a completely different persona than my winter self. This also includes a new hair color – a tanned complexion and darker hair simply go hand in hand.

Kiss-proof, juicy lips

Editor Ilka’s beauty heart was taken by storm by the new “Splashtint” from Benefit.

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Product: Splashtint by Benefit Cosmetics
Price: approx. 26 euros
Promise: Lip tints have taken the beauty scene by storm. They are an alternative to the highly opaque, matte lipstick. The lip tint is characterized by its watery, yet creamy consistency. The goal is a delicate and slightly washed-out look. In addition to its classic lip tint, Benefit has launched another lip product, the Splashtint. The colors are more delicate and have placed a further focus on lip care: Fine lip wrinkles are visibly smoothed with the help of hyaluronic acid, goji berry and raspberry seed oil and glycerin.
Effect: The Splashtint is easy to apply with the help of a thin applicator. The first layer is barely opaque, which is why I apply several layers until the color is intense enough for me. It is recommended that you let the lip product dry slightly. Although the composition of the Splashtint is very creamy and feels more like a lip gloss, I am surprised at how long the color lasts. Kiss-proof and juicy!
Already gives me summer feelings because: In summer my lips need an extra dose of care, which is why I often forgo lipstick. The Splashtint is small, has a delicate color, is easy to apply and doesn’t dry out my lips, so it’s now a permanent fixture in my summer beauty bag.

Blonder trend? I’ll join in immediately

In summer, Julika prefers 2-in-1 products. The newest addition to her beauty case: the Sunkisser Blush by Maybelline New York.

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Product: Sunkisser Blush in “Shades On” by Maybelline New York
Price: approx. 10 euros
Promise: The Maybelline Sunkisser Blush conjures up a sun-kissed glow on the cheeks in no time and is easy to blend thanks to the soft-melting formula and XL plush applicator. Bronzer and blush are supposed to shine off the face in one step.
Effect: The color “Shades On” is actually the perfect mix of blusher and bronzer for me and bathes my face in a shimmering and slightly warm tone. The skin immediately looks revitalized and the complexion glows as if it had just returned from a summer vacation – and that is still to come.
Already gives me summer feelings because: I prefer 2-in-1 products, especially in the warmer months, which make applying make-up easy and not too time-consuming. And the “blonzer” trend – a mixture of blush and bronzer – is currently all the rage, which I really wanted to try out this summer. Now I have the right product.

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