4 signs your relationship is stronger than you think

4 signs your relationship is stronger than you think

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We often have a misconception of what makes a truly strong and healthy relationship. These signs suggest that you are committed, even when you have doubts.

When we are newly in love, the hormones dominate everything we do and be. It’s all about our new love, we’re on cloud nine and we can’t keep our hands off each other. When the honeymoon phase is over and the relationship deepens, things change. We discover mistakes and quirks in our:our partner:in, everyday life catches up with us – with all its challenges and problems. We may begin to have doubts and become less sure of our feelings. And above all, we often look at the wrong things and overlook what really matters.

4 signs you’re in a stronger relationship than you think

1. You think of your partner even when you don’t see each other

Yes, the great passion of the first months (and maybe years) is no longer there. But if your partner is still your absolute favorite person and the person you think of first when something happens – whether positive or negative – then that’s definitely a sign that your bond is very strong . Of course, no one probably thinks about the other person 24 hours a day, but if your sweetheart pops up in your head a lot and you want to share it with them immediately when something good, bad, or funny happens, then that speaks volumes for your relationship .

2. You share similarities

A partnership thrives on two (or more) people shaping their lives together. How much they really share, whether they want to marry and live together or need more freedom is very individual – and therefore no type of relationship is better or worse than the other. But there should be a certain intersection of similarities to build a solid base. Even if your life and that of your partner looks very different in terms of job or friends – as long as there is something that you share with each other, that’s a good sign. Whether this is the home, a pet or a hobby hardly matters. The main thing is that you have such a foundation for your relationship.

3. You also spend time apart

Speaking of time together: The similarities just mentioned are elementary for a relationship. But it is just as important that each person still has their own life and does not lose sight of themselves as individuals. If you and your sweetheart also like to spend time with your own friends, maybe even go on vacation separately or pursue your own interests, this is also a sign that your relationship is healthy. Because the partners’ own identity is important for a solid basis.

4. In the future you will see your partner by your side

When you make plans for the future, is your partner always there in your head? That speaks for your bond! Even if, as I said, it is natural and important that each person in the relationship does not lose sight of themselves and their own interests, the joint plans should not be neglected. If you always see the two of you together in the future, even if you fight and have different opinions on certain topics, it’s a sign that your relationship is really strong.

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