4-step recipe for crispy grilled chicken nuggets

Barbecue time
4-step recipe for crispy grilled chicken nuggets

Tender meat, crispy crust: If you have never grilled chicken nuggets, you should do it quickly!


3 ingredients, 4 steps and great pleasure: These chicken nuggets are the perfect recipe for barbecue fans of all ages.

Not just for children: Many adults also love chicken nuggets because of their perfect combination of tender meat and a crispy parnade. What many do not know: Chicken nuggets can also be cooked perfectly on a grill and are even easier to prepare.

For the next barbecue evening: in four steps to the perfect nugget from the grill

In the video you will learn a recipe for particularly spicy, crispy nuggets, for which you actually need no more than three ingredients and only four uncomplicated preparation steps.

Source used: merkur.de