4 teen outfit ideas to make sure you don't mess up

Dress style has a huge impact on teenagers. Often stereotypical, clothing is unique to everyone and should not be categorized. Everyone has the right to wear what they want, and especially what they like! Some outfit ideas for teens that mix trends and diversity.

We don't necessarily know the impact of fashion on teenagers. Often, a dress style is associated with a personality, and sometimes even with a popularity rate. We categorize people very much according to their clothes: the trendy group with their pieces freshly shopped in the latest Zara collection (very original …), the hippies because of their baggys or their second-hand clothes, the metalheads because of their leather jackets and biker boots, the guys because of their sportswear sets… Teenage stereotypes, that's it.

The goal is to shatter all these clichés. You don't have to belong to a dress group to afford style. To each his own, to each his own. We can not emphasize this enough ! It's time to teach teens that there is no right way to dress. Baggys are okay. Short skirts are okay. Overalls are okay too. Total pink look a la Sharpay Evans, extravagant colors a la Prince, very classy-chic a la Kate Middleton… that's ok.

Affirming your dress style, daring original pieces, that's great. There is nothing wrong with that. Parents have the right to encourage their children to dress the way they want! Restricting them to a simple outfit that does not suit them just to respond kindly to codes and criticisms of friends is not great. Let them express themselves! We offer you several teen outfits here, which combine diversity and simplicity.

Casual outfit

Black puffer jacket, € 209.95, @zalando
Blue jeans, € 29.95, @zara

Remember that brands are not mandatory at all. A simple black puffer jacket from a thrift store and any pair of white sneakers do just fine.

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A floral rock outfit

Mixing the rock of the leather jacket with a little floral skirt is great! We mix up the styles a bit, and we wear the skirt in a comfortable way. Boots are to accentuate the light biker side, and that's a change from sneakers.

Leather outfit

The plaid overshirt is super trendy right now. It's a mixed garment, which can be worn with anything. Remember: leather pants aren't just for girls! With its cargo style, it pairs perfectly with a pair of white sneakers. This outfit is quite suitable for a girl, with the same pieces.

Sportswear outfit

Black velvet bob, € 29.99, @nike

Sportswear is often frowned upon. However, we can very well offset a set of tracksuits with a khaki trench coat (this one is in the women's category, but can also be worn by a boy). Small pair of white sneakers, a bob if you like, and voila!

That's it, you know all about teen fashion and how to approach it! If you are asked, you will know that sportswear does not mean scum and leather pants are not synonymous with feminine clothing.