4 things you should definitely sort out in 2022

Hidden Chaos
4 things that should definitely be sorted out this year

What can go, what should stay? We’ll tell you which cupboards you should definitely take a look at.


Minimalism is trendy. Still, there are some places that are consistently overlooked when sorting out. Here you will find out four things that you should urgently part with.

When sorting out, we usually limit ourselves to the closet. After all, it’s often far too crowded – even though you “never have anything to wear”. But there are even more places in the apartment that probably urgently need to be sorted through, but are constantly forgotten.

Tidying up with a clear view

But why wait until the next spring cleaning or even worse move, until the cupboards are put in order again? Here you will find four places that you should ideally sort out this year.

Source used: own research


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