4 zodiac signs that are simply unlucky in love!

4 zodiac signs that are simply unlucky when it comes to love

When conflict overshadows love, at some point it no longer has a future.


It just keeps going bad for her – in the video you can see which zodiac signs often have a particularly difficult time in love.

Luck in the game, bad luck in love: This could be exactly the case with these four zodiac signs, because it is often really not easy for them in love. They want so much a happy relationship, with a partner by their side.

These zodiac signs have to fight for love

Lovesickness is inevitable with these zodiac signs, but don’t worry: they too can expect a happy ending – they just often have to experience a rollercoaster of emotions beforehand. Click on the video and see if whom the broken heart is often preprogrammed!

Source used: own research