41-year-old in a rage – with kicks, the toilet facility in the storage room was destroyed

As if out of his mind, a 41-year-old suspect rioted in a custody room of a Lower Austrian police station on Thursday evening. So the apparently drunk kicked the toilet bowl until it gave way and fell to the floor, before he picked it up and hurled it against the wall. The Cobra finally had to intervene.

The outbreak of violence was preceded by an operation at the suspect’s home address in Bruck an der Leitha. The police had been called to a residential complex at around 5.15 p.m. because of noise, and the resident opened the front door only after a long period of ringing and knocking.

Policemen pushed
According to the police, the 41-year-old began to behave aggressively very quickly. He was then asked several times to calm down, but unsuccessfully. The arrest was then pronounced, the executive said on Friday. However, he resisted violently and even gave one of the officers a push.

Threatened with killing
He also let his anger run free in the police station’s holding room. He kicked the toilet facility until it was torn out of the wall after a while. He then threw the shell against the wall and damaged it. But it didn’t stop there – he also threatened the uniformed men.

Cobra officials called in
Ultimately, Cobra forces were called in to transfer the accused to the detention center in Wiener Neustadt. However, the 41-year-old no longer offered any resistance, it was said. “The man showed signs of alcoholism, but refused an alcohol test, ”said the police. The 41-year-old is reported to the Korneuburg public prosecutor’s office for attempted resistance against state authority, serious damage to property and dangerous threats.