43-year-old man found mummified in his home, he hadn’t heard from him for 10 months

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A man who had given no sign of life since March 2022 was found by firefighters in Brest. His body was mummified.

In some cases, questions remain, such as for Sihem Belouahmia, who has been missing since January 25 in the Gard, or for the young couple formed by Leslie and Kevin, who disappeared into the wild in November 2022. Other cases are experiencing tragic endings, like those three children who died in a fire or a wife killed by her husband with a saucepan.

For this forty-something from Brest, it took ten months before getting answers… Or even for questions to be asked…

Since March 2022, the man had not given any sign of life. On Tuesday January 24, his body was unfortunately found in his apartment in the Saint-Martin district of the Breton city, and the firefighters made a gruesome discovery: he was mummified.

According to The Telegramit is a “drama of social isolation”. No one has indeed noticed the absence of this 43-year-old man, including in the neighborhood.

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A mummified body found in Brest

No deadly smell escaped from its accommodation and no excess mail was observed. Clues that could possibly have put the chip in the ear of his neighbors, and which can explain the lapse of time as long between his last sign of life and the discovery of his body, therefore mummified.

The individual’s cat was also found dead in the apartment next to him.

According to the first elements of the investigation, he suffered from depression and alcohol addiction.

It is the lessor, Brest Métropole Habitat, which was alerted by the association Assistance and search for missing persons (ARPD). He had just received a mandate from the family to try to find him, after a call for witnesses launched on social networks last December.

The lessor therefore called the emergency servicesand the firefighters proceeded to open the door and then found the missing person dead.

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