49,673 cases recognized – “Everything gurgles!” Breaks the 10 million mark

The Viennese have already gurgled and spat more than ten million times to help contain the corona pandemic. According to the city, 10,053,061 PCR samples from “Alles gurgelt!” Had been evaluated by Saturday. Of these, 0.49 percent were positive, i.e. 49,673 corona infections were detected. On average, it takes 16 hours for a result to be emailed after the gargle.

Of all the tests sent in, 0.49 percent were positive, i.e. 49,673 corona infections were detected. City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) praised the test campaign as a “cornerstone of fighting pandemics in Vienna” and as a key factor in reducing the incidence in Vienna.

More than 1.2 million people registered for gargling
“Alles Gurgelt” currently carries out almost 600,000 free PCR tests every week. The number of tests carried out has increased significantly since the beginning of September, after the tests were also used in Viennese schools from the fifth grade onwards. On the peak day to date, September 20, more than 147,000 tests were completed. In total, more than 1.2 million people have registered for the test system since the program was rolled out in March.

The President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Walter Ruck, described the joint “Alles gurgelt!” Initiative as an international showcase project. “We have to continue on this path in order to avoid lockdowns in the future and to normalize economic and social life,” said Ruck in a broadcast.

Sample evaluated in the laboratory after around seven hours
Every day, up to 2000 collections are carried out throughout Vienna for the Vienna Test program, as Michael Havel, the managing director of the Lifebrain company, which evaluates the tests, explained. The majority of the free PCR tests carried out are delivered to the laboratory before 2 p.m., the results are available on the same day. According to Lifebrain, it currently takes around 16 hours from the gurgling to the result being sent via email, while the processing time in the laboratory is around seven hours on average.

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