5 eyeliner mistakes that make you look older – and how to avoid them

5 Kajal Mistakes
Faux pas that make you seem older

Kajal can have a decisive influence on the shape of our eyes.

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Kajal shouldn’t be missing from your make-up routine? Then you can pay attention to these five points that will immediately make you seem a little older. Don’t worry, we’ll also reveal how you can easily change these things for an immediate effect.

It was already an integral part of our mothers’ cosmetic bags: the eyeliner pencil. If you use it every day, you can probably even imitate the short movement of your eye while you sleep. Many of you are probably so used to having kohl on your eyes that it almost looks strange when you suddenly leave it out of your everyday makeup. Especially when such a routine has developed, it’s sometimes a good idea to question it. Maybe you have these too five eyeliner errors crept in that make you seem older than you actually are.

5 eyeliner mistakes that make you look older

When it comes to make-up, there are of course no “mistakes”, because you alone decide whether something is right or wrong. However, there are some techniques that… Visually shrink the eyethe Look more tired let it work and thereby tend to smuggle you in a few years. In this article, “looking older” refers to looking a little less fresh and youthful than you could if you used eyeliner differently. To this gaffe we can do without.

1. Kajal on the waterline

The most popular way to apply eyeliner is probably on the waterline. Now we’re suddenly saying you shouldn’t do that – have we lost our minds? Before we lose you, we’d better explain: Kajal on the waterline can look very aesthetic with looks like smokey eyes. If you want to do smoked-out, sexy eye make-up, you are welcome to continue doing so. For everyday make-up you can use black eyeliner on the waterline the eye very quickly becomes very small let it work, it visually recedes. This does not promote an alert look.

Instead of applying the eyeliner to the lower waterline, try applying it to the upper one. The Tightlining thickens your eyelashes very naturally – with the eyeliner you fill in the gaps between the eyelashes from below, which makes a small but crucial difference.

2. Black eyeliner

If you have light hair and/or eyelashes, black eyeliner can be used very hard works. Yes, your mascara is also black – again, not always the best choice. In combination with the eyeliner pencil, the colors on your face can quickly unbalanced work and thereby less modern. It looks more contemporary and therefore more youthful when you blend all the colors of your make-up together harmoniously. So grab one, for example brown eyeliner. For small eyes, one can beige Open your eyes with an immediate effect, even with blue eyes Turquoise look flattering. Don’t be afraid and just try it out!

3. Not sharpened

Well, did we catch you? Is your eyeliner sharpened every time you use it? This is really particularly important, otherwise your eyes will not only be potentially irritated, but yours too Line too thick. This creates the effect that normally defines the eye (see first), less natural look. Especially if you use the eyeliner on the upper lash line, for example to draw a small wing/eyeliner, it doesn’t look very aesthetic with a blunt pencil. If the wing is not pointed, it will miss the intended effect, the eye area to visually lift – the drawn line with the blunt eyeliner, then draw your eyes downwardswhich can make you seem older.

4. Smeared paint

No matter whether it’s the mascara or eyeliner that smudges: it just doesn’t look good. The gray veilswhich stands out unsightly due to the smeared paint, leaves you undirected, sluggish and tired works. Especially with kajal, which is often applied to the inner corner of the eye for a cat-eye look, it is essential that it stays in place. It’s completely normal for your eyes to water sometimes – that’s exactly why we recommend this approach:

5. Pen too hard/too soft

Using the right product is also very important with eyeliner pencils. Is your product too hard, you have to go over the same spot multiple times, potentially irritating your eye and causing it to water more quickly. The result of this is that your eyeliner smudges, which brings us back to the fourth point. Too soft However, the pen must not be there either. For some purposes (if you then want to blend it with a brush) this is desirable, for example in the inner corner of the eye it will only run faster. It’s best to choose a kajal that is creamy when applied and then dries quickly, meaning it sets quickly.

In addition to eyeliner, these tips can also be helpful

The time of smokey eyes for everyday life is just over. In general, you see more and more trendsetters who forego eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner altogether and so on “topless” trend completely redefine. If you want to look particularly modern, you can completely close the eye leave untouched and rather on bushy brows set. A trendy way to incorporate kajal into your everyday makeup is to use it very close to the upper lash line Apply and then blend it easily with a small brush or a finger. For yours Smokey liners If you choose a brown or aubergine tone, your look will be subtly and softly emphasized.


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