5 fashion pieces to have for a successful rock style

Rock style is a bit of timeless fashion that manages to seduce us every year. But do you really have the right parts at home? Here are the ones you absolutely must have for a trendy and stylish rock outfit.

What is rock style?

Rock'n'roll music was born in the United States in the mid-1950s. This musical genre, synonymous with freedom and rebellion, fascinates the whole world and brings with it the appearance of a new dress style: the famous rock style. At the time, the rock'n'roll man was recognized by his bad boy look, which usually consisted of a leather jacket, black skinny jeans and a pair of high-top cowboy boots. But if it is first adopted by men, the rock style will quickly appeal to women too!

The rock'n'roll woman generally adopts the same pieces as the man: a leather jacket, tight jeans sometimes destroyed and ankle boots with laces or heels for a then rather glam rock style. Today, the rock style has obviously evolved a little. But overall, we find the same fashion pieces as 70 years ago. Zoom in on the ones you absolutely must have in your wardrobe for a trendy and stylish rock outfit.

Fashion pieces to have for a successful rock style

A great classic of the rock wardrobe, the perfecto spends the years without ever going out of style. It can be worn oversize, even if we prefer its more fitted version today. You can choose a leather or imitation leather model according to your preferences. If the perfecto is normally worn black, today you can find several colors: burgundy, khaki, beige, pink, brown etc. You can even choose a model with fringes or studs if you want to change from the classic black leather biker jacket.

Before being the most worn jeans, slim jeans were a rather daring rock fashion item for the time. Today, it's a fashion must-have that we all have in our wardrobes and that we love! To wear in winter as in summer, it flatters and lengthens the silhouette by emphasizing the legs and calves. Another advantage of slim jeans, they adapt to all styles. For a rock style, we associate it with a basic t-shirt, a denim jacket or a leather biker jacket and flat or heeled boots.

The printed t-shirt is also one of the fashion pieces to have for your rock'n'roll looks. You can choose a t-shirt with the logo of your favorite rock or metal band. Guns N 'Roses, AC / DC, Iron Maiden … You will inevitably find what you are looking for! If you prefer good basics, you've got to have white or black t-shirts lying around in your clothes that will do the trick as well. They go with everything: a skirt, jeans and they can even turn into a dress if they are oversized!

Without a pair of boots, you can't have a rock outfit! Emblem of punk culture, the famous Doc Martens are the shoes we recommend for a successful rock style. But of course you can find similar and cheaper lace-up ankle boots in stores! For those who want a chic and glam rock look, a pair of cowboy-style ankle boots will be perfect with slim jeans, a little black dress or a leather skirt. Classic and timeless, the platform chelsea boots can also be rock-style.

With or without sleeves, the denim jacket is rock when studded with studs, patches or badges bearing the image of your favorite rock band. Today it is a real essential fashion that we bring out every year because it can be worn with everything. A shirt, a t-shirt or a sweater in winter, jeans, a skirt … She is able to bring a rock'n'roll touch to all your looks! We prefer it light blue or raw, but black is also very good.

The importance of accessories

Dressing is also thinking about accessories! Shoes are one of them, but not only. You also have to think about the handbag and jewelry. Chic and trendy, golden jewelry to accumulate on the wrists or on the fingers will be perfect. Also think about the scarf, to tie around the neck in winter or the wrist for a successful rock look. Finally, don't forget the belt to sublimate your waist. We choose it preferably black or why not with a leopard pattern. It's up to you to do tests to find the one you like the most with your look, or ask your friends for advice!

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