“5 gegen Jauch”: RTL has announced these innovations

“5 against Jauch”
RTL has announced these innovations

Günther Jauch is back at “5 gegen Jauch”

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

“5 gegen Jauch” returns with three new episodes. The quiz show with Günther Jauch and prominent opponents comes up with new rules.

Five celebrities compete again as a team against quiz master Günther Jauch (65): From July 31, there will be three new episodes “5 gegen Jauch” (Saturdays from 8:15 pm on RTL or via TVNow). It’s about a profit of up to 100,000 euros for a good cause. The guess show comes up with new rules this time.

New game rounds

On the one hand there is the new “5 Secrets” game round: In the first question, Jauch has to assign each of the five celebrity guests a term that reveals something personal about the respective star. If he finds three correct terms, he wins the round. The celebrities are given five terms, only one of which is applicable to the question about the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Moderator. If you answer the whole thing correctly, you win.

Jauch also competes in “Top 5” individual duels. The moderator plays against each of the celebrities one after the other. Top five lists have to be sorted correctly. In the “Quick 5” buzzer rounds, moderator Oliver Pocher (43) spontaneously asks questions. Who buzzes first has the right to answer. Two rounds of this are played per broadcast. Whoever has earned five points first wins the round and receives EUR 1,000 in their account.

For each block of questions, the Stars and Jauch each have a joker that can only be used in this block. Either side can play it on rounds two through six and on rounds seven through eleven. For the Joker game, Günther Jauch competes against one of the stars, who plays on behalf of his team. Only the side that draws a joker can gain an advantage.

New gameplay

After the first round and the “5 Secrets”, the well-known bonus round “Give me 5!” Here five correct terms have to be assigned to a certain category. In rounds two to six there are two questions to choose from – only the question is shown. The celebrities and Jauch take turns choosing which question they want to play, the other one remains for the opponent.

After the “Top 5”, there will again be two questions to choose from in rounds seven to eleven, this time only the answer options are shown and the candidates have to choose again which question they want to play. Another “Give me 5” follows, while the “Quick 5” buzzer rounds can be played at any time during the broadcast. Only the side that has more money in the account after the final all-or-nothing question wins the sum for a good cause. The loser comes away empty-handed.