5 good reasons to go for a pastel manicure

Impossible to miss the pastel nails, they are on all hands or almost! Inviting us to display delicate shades at the tips of our fingers, the pastel manicure does not cease to charm us. Still hesitating to adopt it? Here are 5 pieces of information that are all reasons to finally give in to its tender colors of varnish.

She has been talking about her for a few years now, the pastel manicure is a nail beauty treatment that is gaining more and more followers. Why wouldn’t you be the next one to wear it on your ten fingers? Like the white nail polish that has made a noticeable (and much-loved) comeback in recent years, pastel nails (from their little English name) are ultra trendy and have more than one asset in their nuances to convince you to finally try them. The proof by 5!

1. It is suitable for all types of nails

Let it be said, there are nail polish trends which are certainly very pretty but which require having a certain base of nails to be able to be carried out, or quite simply to be worn with panache. Manicure baby boomer, derived from the French manicure, is a good example with its gradient effect of white on nude which is rather made to dress the tips of long nails. Unfortunately, on a nail that is too short, it is a fact: it will not reveal its full glamor potential. A problem that will never arise with the pastel manicure which is able to sublimate absolutely all nails, regardless of their length or shape. A godsend to test the trend of pastel nails eyes closed ! Do not bother with this kind of consideration anymore, and therefore bet on nail polish in sugared colors such as baby pink, sky blue or even soft yellow. The latter have the advantage of being just as beautiful when they cover short nails as when they sublimate long nails, and this, that yours are cut and filed in the square, in the shape of an almond, so as to display a rounded square end of the nail or stiletto way to be pointed. One thing is certain, no risk of being disappointed with the pastel manicure because once done, it is beautiful regardless of your nail base.

2. It allows you to wear a colorful but discreet manicure

In the field of make-up, including make-up for the nails, color is not always the easiest to assume. When you dare a touch of pink, blue or flashy orange for example, it greatly complicates the choice of outfit and accessories on a daily basis. Indeed, these are shades more difficult to combine with others elegantly than those of classic and neutral varnishes such as nude, white or taupe. Obviously, the manicure is THE ideal detail to display touches of dapper shades at your fingertips, but the most garish colors are still quite complicated to consider as a manicure. Especially when you are a fan of chic and sober looks. Fortunately, the pastel manicure then presents itself as the perfect compromise to finally coat your nails with colors, without risking overdose. Thanks to the softness and delicacy of its pastel shades, it’s even easy to give in to the allure of a multi-colored manicure without it being the only thing that stands out at first glance. In pastel mode, the rainbow colored polishes can even be mixed on the tips of our fingers without overdoing it.

3. She relies on colors that never go out of style

The other major advantage of this type of manicure is that in addition to being trendy at the moment, it lies in the use of varnishes in colors that are simply timeless. Pastel colors are, in fact, shades of varnish that constantly return to the heart of beauty trends, whether year after year or even season after season. It is not for nothing that specialist brands in nail art (like Essie) now often offer at least one kit or set of varnish dedicated to this bouquet of tender shades! Sometimes acclaimed to brighten up our looks and soften the winter gray, sometimes set up as a spring-summer essential (where they go wonderfully with the various colorful summer outfits and the holiday tan): it is clear that the pastel colors remain, in the end, a classic that has never really had its last word. Happy consequence: good news when you invest in a varnish or a varnish kit with marshmallow colors, it is a safe bet that you will not spoil the products you are going to buy for your manicure at home. They will inevitably come back, at some point, on the front of the stage to allow you to use your products and not let them dry in your drawers. Not bad is not it ?

4. It adapts to our habits in terms of production and outfit

To adopt some of the latest manicure trends of the moment, we sometimes have to shake up our little beauty habits a bit. We may have to swap our famous classic varnish that we make more or less covering over the layers (and to which we are so used) for a gel nail application to be carried out under a led lamp by example. The needs of this kind of manicure at the top of the trend, in terms of length or resistance to the decorations that we want to affix on the nail, sometimes contrasting drastically with the reality of our natural nails (which can be fragile or less resistant than fakes). Conversely, it may also become necessary to leave your gel nails which offer a lasting varnish effect for a classic manicure with a varnish that is not semi-permanent. But if certain essential manicures thus have their share of disadvantages, the pastel manicure, it does rather well since it leaves us the free choice of the method when it comes to adopting it. It can be easily done yourself at home with a very simple varnish that lasts a maximum of a week or with a semi-permanent varnish that promises a manicure that lasts several weeks (whether applied in a beauty salon or at home. house thanks to a semi-permanent varnish kit which contains a special lamp). It can also be displayed thanks to the construction of gel nails made in an institute (or even at home thanks to a gel nail kit which contains precisely the famous construction gel as well as a lamp to catalyze it) which allow to ” artificially lengthen the nail, or even be obtained with the installation of conventional false nails (to glue or clip) which also offer a manicure that lasts a long time. In short, you will understand, pastel colors are so trendy that brands specializing in manicure have declined their marshmallow shades in all possible versions to allow us to adopt it in our own way and according to our preferences in terms of achievement and more or less prolonged hold.

5. She has a thousand and one facets

If she has this ability to come back to the forefront so regularly, it is also because the pastel manicure knows how to reinvent itself. Ultra sober and chic when it comes to varnishing her nails in our favorite pastel color (marshmallow pink, sky blue, soft green, discreet yellow, lilac, apricot orange), she also likes to play the card of originality with more trends. funs like the multicolored, sometimes rainbow manicure, which accumulates the soft shades at the fingertips, coating each nail with a different pastel color. The very good news is that even fans of nail art complex can have fun with its tender colors to dare all the nail arts from the moment. The use of pastel colors to draw pretty trendy patterns on the nails is, indeed, a very good idea: flowers of all kinds for a summer flowery manicure, ripples to display swirl nails, graphic lines, delicate polka dots… There is no shortage of ideas for wearing a pastel manicure with style. Another smart option that oscillates between a chic look and nail art more relaxed: the French manicure revisited in pastel mode, with a classic line or even tilted way slanted french. Then displaying one or more soft shades on the tip of the nail like a classic French manicure, it promises clear nails that know how to complete a sartorial look with elegance, but also a touch of fantasy.

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So, convinced? Are you ready to sport your very first pastel manicure? Well, it’s time for color, but tender and delicate, please!

Choosing your pastel-colored varnishes: the information you need to know

First thing to know and not the least: there is not only a pastel pink, a soft green, a delicate yellow or a sky blue. Like other more flashy or dark colors, pastel shades are available in a multitude of more or less rich and pronounced shades. Some can be very, very pale and almost white, while others will show a slightly more dapper undertone. Likewise, the colors resulting from the mixture of two primary colors can also be richer in one or the other. For example, a lilac polish can sometimes contain a little more pink, sometimes a little more blue. Ditto for green which can be more or less rich in yellow or blue. Essie’s pastel pink is therefore not the pastel pink of Manucurist or Bourjois. And the pastel green of the Rosalind brand is most certainly different from that of Essie.
Therefore, we advise you not to stop at the first impression that one of the tender shades that you will find can give you. You may not like this exact pastel color, but rest assured, it is more than likely that there is a soft pink, baby blue or pistachio green perfect to enhance your skin tone and match your tastes. Persevere when looking for the perfect products for your pastel manicure.

If you opt for a multicolored pastel manicure, then it will preferably be necessary to ensure that all the shades used to achieve it are more or less as intense or light as each other. The idea is to create a pretty cohesive color harmony, not a tail and headless accumulation of nail polish shades. To make your life easier when purchasing your products from nail art, don’t hesitate to bet on a set or a ready-made nail polish kit that offers several pastel colors. This kind of nail polish set is specially designed to offer you a variety of shades that match each other perfectly. Classic or permanent varnish catalyzed with the led lamp to obtain gel nails, think about it! There is necessarily a set of varnish made for you and available for delivery in one click!

Our tips for a successful homemade pastel manicure

  • Do not neglect the preparation of your nails

Whether you decide to go for a simple colorful manicure or a nail art extravagant, pastel colors only reveal their best looks on well-groomed nails. File your nails properly, use a moisturizer for nails and cuticles, apply a transparent base coat to protect the nail … It is important to take care of your nails before performing your manicure. And once the latter is done, do not, either, forget a layer of protective top coat as a finish for an impeccable result.

  • Pay attention to the amount of product used

A pastel varnish often tends to be less covering when applied to the nail than a varnish of a darker shade, with which it is easier to obtain a beautiful opacity. In short, with a pastel varnish, it’s a bit like with a white varnish: you must take care to put enough product so that it is covering, but not too much at the risk that the varnish is too thick, that it does not does not dry well and that it ends up unsightly on your nails.

You are now well informed to adopt the pastel manicure!

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