5 men’s beauty products that women should grab


Why not steal a beauty product from your boyfriend or husband? You can use these five products without any problems – in the video you can see why you should try it!

Recently, we reported on a study that found that women spend up to 13 percent more on beauty products than men. One example was the disposable razor, which differed only in the design of the packaging. But not only there! With other products, the stark difference was extreme. 
How well that these five products can also buy women in the men’s section or take them straight from their boyfriend.

1. Conditioner as a shaving cream

The friend’s conditioner is perfect as a shaving cream for the legs. Because he is nice and soft and can be spread well. So why not grab his bottle?

2. Hair gel as eyebrow fixer

Your friend likes to smear hair gel in her hair? Yes, it’s great! Because: we can benefit from that! Simply dab a brow brush or eyelash curl into the gel and comb the eyebrow hairs with it. That’s how a statement-eyebrow-look succeeds, which guarantees the whole day.

3. Deodorant for fresh feet

Although this is an annoying topic, but in the summer we all really suffer from it: we are talking about sweaty feet. But now comes the remedy and indeed from the cosmetics cabinet of the man: his deodorant cools and is strong enough for a small cooling on the feet. Simply spray the deodorant on your feet, we can already feel a kick of freshness and have long dry feet in sneakers – even at 30 degrees.

4. Shaving brush as a powder brush

If the boyfriend or husband is still shaving with a brush, it plays in our beauty cards. Finally, the shaving brush is perfect as a powder brush for transparent powder to fix the make-up look. Just try it!

5. Senstitiver after shave to calm down

Almost every man has an aftershave, which he dabbed after the (wet) shave for reassurance on the shaved area. Why should not it also soothe our skin after shaving? Often afterwards our skin is irritated and slightly red. By the way, a mild aftershave is best for sensitive skin without alcohol – for women as well as men. Simply apply with a cotton ball without pressure on the shaved and sensitive area.