5 million entries! One of the best French sagas returns for a 5th film!

There will definitely be a 5th part of Ducobu! Ducobu goes green, that’s its title, will be released on April 3 in cinemas, still with Elie Semoun in the role of Professor Latouche. He will achieve again.

Ducobu will travel for his new adventures! After 4 successful parts, which total more than 5 million entries in total, an episode 5 is indeed approaching.

Filming took place this summer, still under the direction of Elie Semoun. The dunce student will go to the countryside for this new film, titled Ducobu goes green, with the slogan Long live selective cheating! This is in line with recent statements by Elie Semoun who indicated: “I want to get him out of school, he’s a little fed up, we need to make him breathe! So we can take it to the mountains, to the sea, abroad, but we have to make it travel.”

As we can see on this first teaser poster, unveiled on the occasion of the Deauville Operators’ Congress, which was held this week, Emilie Caen, Frédérique Bel, Loïc Legendre, Caroline Anglade, and Gérard Jugnot will be back at the casting.

François Levantal and Nicolas Marié will also be part of the adventure. The name of the young actor who will play Ducobu has not been revealed.

Ducobu has already had four parts at the cinema, all crowned with a certain success and regular in terms of admissions, namely all over a million admissions: in detail, L’Eleve Ducobu recorded 1,490,654 admissions ( released in June 2011); Les Vacances de Ducobu, 1,058,074 entries (April 2012); Ducobu 3, 1,497,326 entries (February 2020), and finally, Ducobu President, 1,129,226 entries (July 2022).

For the record, the Ducobu films are inspired by the Belgian comic book series created by Zidrou and Godi.

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