5 mistakes not to make after 40 when wearing a square

Length, style, coloring and hairstyle… Discover 5 mistakes not to make after 40 with a bob cut.

A great classic of hairdressing, the square cut is a perfect option if one is looking for a trendy haircut that is both easy to live And rejuvenating. But if it can adapt to all face shapes, you still have to pay attention to a few details if you want to find the best bob cut to adopt in your forties.

To give yourself style by wearing a square cut at 40, you have to find a haircut tendency who will also know how to deal with hair that is a little less thick than before and more fragile. It is also necessary that the details of the cut are able to flatter the oval of the face Or hide some wrinkles deeper if you feel more comfortable doing so. This is one of the hairstyle tips to adopt after 40 years. So let’s review without further ado, all the mistakes to avoid when choosing your bob cut.

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Cut your square neither short enough nor long enough

When you want to cut your hair bob in your forties, the best lengths are those that are the most radical and assertive. Forget the in-betweens that lack panache. Bet either on a very short square cut just below the ears, a mini square that offers a lifting effect to your face. Opt for a long square that flirts with the mid-length, an ideal length after 40 years that allows the locks that dress the jaws to soften the oval of the face and the prominent chins. Another possible alternative: dare the originality of a plunging square very short in the neck and longer in front.

Wear it with straight hair

Sleek styling will only make your haircut look very classic, while hardening your features. Similarly, smooth hair cut squarely may lack volume and accentuate the loss of hair density that is sometimes observed from pre-menopause. To highlight your cut, opt for flexible brushings, wavy effect styling which breathes a lot of dynamism into the hairstyle or curls which are rejuvenating.

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Opt for a straight cut

Straight cuts tend to harden facial features, and therefore age us with their somewhat strict look. This is particularly the case of the square, which we want at all costs to avoid the “wise granddaughter haircut” effect at this age. So prefer a square with tapered ends rather than a straight cut for a more modern and rejuvenating style. With its more blurred lines, your square will be ideal to divert attention from the contours of an oval that is a little less firm than before. A subtle gradation on the oval of the face will also be appreciated to soften the features and personalize your square according to your morphology.

Skip the bangs

It is ideal for highlighting the look while camouflaging the few wrinkles that may displease us such as forehead wrinkles, frown lines or crow’s feet: the fringe is also a detail that makes the cut more dynamic. With a square, we gladly take advantage of it, making sure to choose a wispy fringe or curtain, very light bangs that hide in transparency, rather than full and thick bangs that could harden the features.

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Don’t give it shades

It’s not just long hair that has the right to the beautifying effects of coloring! Bob cuts, they also gain in pep with a balayage or some highlights. From blond with slightly darker roots, a set of highlights or even a gloss that boosts the shine of the hair: there are a thousand and one ways to bring nuance to your hair. And if you ever wear it with gray hair, don’t hesitate to boost their silver reflections with silver treatments.

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