5 mistakes that damage our lips in winter

Soft and smooth in the fall, lips quickly become dry and chapped in the winter. Blame it on some of our oversights on the care side and on the bad reflexes we have on a daily basis.

If we generally have the good reflex to draw our lip balm at least once a day to moisturize our mouth, in winter this small gesture is far from enough to protect our lips from the cold. The thin skin that covers our mouth is, in fact, a fragile mucous membrane devoid of a natural protective barrier, which makes it particularly sensitive to the cold and daily winter aggressions (snow, wind, rain, etc.).

To prevent our lips from becoming all dry, or worse, from cracking and becoming damaged to the point of becoming painful, it is important to take good care of them. Focus on the bad habits to banish to keep beautiful soft lips and the essential care to adopt to avoid having chapped lips. You will see, just like the face, they need a complete beauty routine!

Moisten your lips with your saliva

This is one of the most common habits when we feel that our lips are dry and uncomfortable, yet if there is one thing not to do: this is it! If moistening the lips with a little saliva temporarily relieves the discomfort, the evaporation of the saliva will, ultimately, accentuate the dehydration of the lips.

Skip the exfoliation

It is an essential gesture to rid the mouth of the dry skin that bothers us and prevents the mucous membrane from fully benefiting from the care provided by the lip balm. To be renewed once a week, this lip care will improve the effectiveness of your lip balm and prevent you from tearing off the unsightly dead skin that accumulates on your mouth. No more small wounds that hurt!

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Do not change lip balm in winter

Not all lip balms are created equal when it comes to hydrating your lips. In winter, the care that hydrates them sufficiently during the rest of the year, often proves not to be nourishing enough to compensate for the drying effects of the cold which damage the lips. It is not for nothing that there are special repairing lip balms for dry and damaged lips. So don’t forget to swap your usual lip care for an ultra nourishing and repairing balm.

Not to offer them a night care

As we know, it is during the night that the skin is most able to repair itself. If during the day, it protects us from external aggressions, in the evening it goes into regeneration mode to solve our skin concerns. For damaged lips, it’s exactly the same. So if there is a time when they need the little boost of care, it’s before bedtime. We therefore get into the habit of pampering them with a special lip night mask which offers them intense care and is even more effective than the balm.

Make up when they are chapped

Not to mention the rendering on the lips which is often not pretty, this bad habit accentuates the existing dehydration and prevents the skin from regenerating properly. It is therefore best to focus on care as long as your lips are cracked, then to start making up again only when their surface is smooth and supple again.

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