5 nail polish mistakes that are damaging your manicure – and their solution

5 nail polish mistakes
Faux pas that will damage your perfect manicure

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Do you attach great importance to well-groomed fingernails? Then we have five tips that will make it easy for you. Five hacks with an immediate effect that are worth getting your hands on.

There is hardly anything nicer than leaving the house with freshly painted nails. Our nail routine is a completely normal and integral part of our everyday life. We often sit down every week and take care of a well-groomed nail appearance. If only this would always work… Despite your best efforts, your manicure doesn’t turn out perfectly? We’re here to show you five Nail polish mistakeswhich you can avoid now so that your manicure is a success every time!

5 nail polish mistakes we won’t make in 2024!

The paint is on for two minutes and it’s already chipping! We know that all too well. Some You can easily avoid faux pas that harm your nails. Of course, there are no rules that determine errors – but nail experts agree on these points.

1. Not preparing the nails properly

Everyone wants perfectly painted and maintained fingernails but often forget one of the most important aspects – the right one Preparation! Following the optimal steps before starting painting is key for durability as well as appearance. First of all, the old nail polish residues are removed, because the polish lasts longest on a flat surface without any product residue. They should also be free of grease and oil before you start painting. This means the nail polish sticks much better. Easy for that nail polish remover or an ideally suited one Nail cleaner take to hand.

2. Not filing properly and scraping off residue

Often the nails are not filed properly or residues are scraped off quickly and roughly. This quickly results in brittle and unkempt nails. Oops! It is therefore important to file in one direction and file from the outer edges towards the center of the nail. A narrow one is best for this nail file suitable for reaching even the smallest corners. In addition, unevenness can be easily leveled out in this way.

3. Using the wrong products

Nowadays is acetone-free nail polish It’s no longer a special feature – but it shouldn’t be underestimated either. Acetone can keratin, the main component of our nails, loosen and thus make them significantly more brittle and thinner over time. So make sure to use acetone-free products. But be careful: they also remove the natural oil from the skin. Therefore, rinse and care for your hands thoroughly afterwards.

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4. Not removing overpainted items properly

Unfortunately, people slip far too often when painting their nails and don’t know how best to save the mishap. It’s all too easy to grab a cotton pad and start all over again – but that doesn’t have to be the case! From now on, it’s best to take a flat nail brush and soak it in nail polish remover. As soon as the paint is on the cuticle If it dries a little, you can carefully wipe it off with the brush.

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5. Not paying attention to the right vitamin intake

Yes, you’ve read that correctly! Also at the manicure It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At a balanced diet The vitamin intake is often already covered and a specific deficiency is not the rule. Nevertheless, a deficiency of vitamins B, C and A, biotin, folic acid or cobalamin can cause brittle nails. If your nails splinter more often than before, the problem can be diagnosed and clarified by a doctor.


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