5 patterns that tattoo artists prefer to avoid!

They dread them and yet: the number of times someone has pushed open their living room door with one of these reasons in mind, they don't even count them anymore … So what are they?

We can't repeat it enough: it's about your body, it's yours and you tattoo whatever you want on it! However, in the event that you decide to adopt one of the five tattoos listed below, don't be surprised if the professional you choose is hesitant before agreeing (or not) to. achieve it. This is explained by the fact that tattoo artists are not always necessarily comfortable with certain choices and are often even reluctant to tattoo a motif victim of a "fad", not personalized enough. . Don't blame them, when it's not their artistic soul that takes a hit, it's you they're trying to preserve.

The infinite symbol

In recent years, this mathematical symbol may not have escaped your notice as it is so popular! Because of its meaning, its small size, its low complexity and therefore its low price, it has long been considered the ideal first tattoo, the one for which we fall for solo, duo, or in a group. There you go: place this design on your wrist, decorate it with a few birds, a feather, or a word, and you will be sure to find your tattoo inscribed on the skin of many strangers! This is an example, but in general, tattoo artists do not necessarily appreciate overly popularized patterns …

The first name of the partner

So, yes, this is crazy love and you are convinced that nothing and no one can ever separate you, the problem is that your tattoo artist has surely learned from her mistakes! Tired of having to urgently cover this kind of tattoos after a separation (which we obviously do not want!), Many professionals now refuse to do it. In fact, it is not uncommon to meet people who would have preferred to be denied it!

The tatoos " Queen "And" King "

In the same style, the “ Queen "And" King "Are becoming more and more followers, unfortunately: the problem remains the same. If one day the queen loses her king, such a pattern inscribed on the skin can quickly become embarrassing, even painful. That's why, if you submit the idea to your tattoo artist, he or she might advise you to give up the idea or at least think twice … Besides, tattoos like these , many couples have already succumbed to it. If you want to represent your love in an original way, then this might not be the best idea.

Quotes that are too common

Quotes that don't have any real meaning to you, that many people have tattooed before, and that seem more like a breakdown of inspiration than a deep, thoughtful thought, are usually not the phrases which tattoo artists prefer to work with… In their eyes, tattoos are a way of asserting their personality and differentiating themselves from others, so we can understand their reluctance towards certain quotations found!

Tattoos in an uncontrolled language

Behind each tattoo hides an artist who values ​​his reputation. As pretty and elaborate as they are, writings containing a fault, or meaning something other than what we imagined, are as problematic for the person who will have to keep them like this for life, as for the one to whom the responsibility falls. . That’s why you may find your tattoo artist uncomfortable carving a phrase or word on your skin that he or she does not know the spelling or meaning of. Worse still, if they are not familiar to you either … In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you never rely on what can be found on the Internet to validate these types of reasons (Google Translate is not your friend)!

You now know a little more about what is hidden in the minds of tattoo artists, you can take it into account, but never forget that you are the only one who decides what you put on your skin!