5 signs that someone is not really strong – just has a big ego

5 signs that someone is not really strong – just has a big ego

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Often we confuse mental strength with having power and a large ego. You can recognize such supposedly self-confident posers by these behaviors.

What does it mean to be strong? At first glance, we often perceive people to be strong who are loud, can assert themselves and follow through with their plans at all costs. But there is a misunderstanding here. Because these behaviors are not signs of true inner strength – but of a great ego. The big difference is that these types of people have to get their way first and foremost. In reality, they have a very low level of self-confidence, and in order to hide that, they feign strength and self-confidence with power and a lone fighter mentality. They expose habits like these:

5 warning signs that a person has no mental strength but a big ego

1. She cannot admit weakness

Vulnerability = weakness. According to this equation, people with large egos live. Their protective wall does not break through, they do not allow anything or anyone to get near them. But is that really a sign of strength? No. Because true strength lies in being able to be vulnerable and yes, weak at times. That requires a lot more strength than always playing the emotional stone.

2. She hides her mistakes

Mistakes are part of life. Everyone does something – regardless of whether it is the CEO of a global corporation, a teacher or a kindergarten child. Those who let themselves be guided only by their ego do not allow others or themselves to make mistakes. Because from the ego point of view they are a sign of weakness. But people with true inner strength know that mistakes are human and that it takes a lot of self-confidence to admit them – and to forgive. Because that’s the only way we can really get ahead.

3. She doesn’t know when it’s time to give up

Of course, most people diligently make plans for their lives. Sometimes things go exactly the way we want them to – but sometimes they don’t. Failure is a part of life. The ego tries again and again persistently to talk us out of it. Just never give up! It shows greater strength when we can admit to ourselves that something is not working and it is better for us to take a new path. Everything else is pure stubbornness – and that blocks some great opportunities for us.

4. She values ​​the opinions of others a lot

We all have to get along with people within our social environment. And it’s only natural that we want to be liked by others. But there are people who base their whole life only on what society or certain people expect of them. Then when they have the approval of these people, they feel strong. It takes a lot more courage to stand up for yourself and your values ​​- even if you might offend.

5. She does not accept help

Nobody can live as an island permanently – we all need other people. However, people who are very much guided by their ego often perceive it as a sign of weakness to ask for help. I can do it alone! I do not need anyone! Those who are really strong inside allow themselves to be weak from time to time – and are smart enough to recognize when they are stuck on their own. And most importantly: strong people know that this is perfectly okay too.


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