5 simple things to be happier at home

Feeling good at home can have a positive impact on your morale. If you don't feel relaxed and happy every time you walk in the door, here are some simple ideas to make your home a haven and a haven of peace.

With the closure of schools and the ban on gatherings, France has implemented exceptional measures to try to stem the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus by imposing containment. Many people have to telework and the French are invited to limit their outings as much as possible. And even if you stay at home, you might as well feel good there. Here are some simple tips to help you be happier at home.

1. Make your bed every morning

It may be a detail for you but (for us) it means a lot. Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling book The Happiness Book explains that this task, which takes only 3 minutes, is one of the simplest habits to adopt to be happier. Airing up and making your bed provides a morning routine and a sense of accomplishment, which has an impact throughout the day. The pope of tidying up, Marie Kondo also affirms: "Ventilate the room for ten minutes and make your bed immediately. You will have the pleasure of having the first task accomplished of your day".

2. Open the windows

Brightness plays a key role in our happiness and our morale. Start by opening the windows ten minutes a day to renew the air. As soon as the weather permits, open your windows wide to fill your house or apartment with fresh air and invite natural light. If the sun is out, take the opportunity to take a good dose of vitamin D. To bring in as much light as possible at home, we opt for light curtains or sheers.

3. Invite nature to your home

To bring happiness into your home, think of green plants and flowers. In addition to bringing the vegetal touch that is lacking in your decor, indoor plants have many virtues and can also be depolluting. Cacti, succulents, fresh flowers … If you don't have a green thumb, don't panic, there are many plants that are easy to care for, even impossible to kill. A good idea to invite nature into your home when you can't go out.

4. Surround yourself with inspiring and positive things

Make your home a gallery of positive memories. Sometimes we dwell on details when the essential is often in the simple things that make us feel good. Your interior may not be like those you can see on Instagram, but it is yours. So choose a decoration that suits you and that you like. Whether through objects with positive mantras, paintings that are close to your heart, your favorite book highlighted on your coffee table or a souvenir brought back from one of your trips.

5. Stop procrastinating

To avoid having to deal with a mountain of things to store on weekends, try to space this task apart. A simple tip like putting each item back in its place after use can really make a difference. Rather than say "I will do it tomorrow", do not wait any longer. Do a laundry, change a light bulb, take down the trash … Organize yourself with your spouse so that your household and storage routine becomes less tedious. 10 minutes of storage per day can sometimes change everything!

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Video by Louise Lethiec

by Marion Dos Santos Clara