5 Skincare basics that everyone over 25 needs – you too!


Our skin ages with us – and that is exactly why we should adjust our care routines. We tell you which five essentials we should all have in the bathroom from the age of 25.

Anyone who believed as a teenager that their skin would be perfect, smooth and clean from the mid-20s had probably been wronged by now. Few of us are blessed with perfect skin, we all have problems with redness, blemishes, pigment spots or pores. Is that bad? Definitely not, but that's exactly why your care routine should also contain certain products from a certain age. Here are our top 5:



The days of make-up removal wipes are definitely over by the mid-20s. In the past it might not have bothered us to wipe the make-up with a cloth and then jump directly into bed, but it certainly doesn't do our skin any good. Therefore, a cleaner that is tailored to your skin needs should be an essential essential in your care routine. If you wear a lot of makeup, you are welcome to clean twice – so you can be sure that everything will come down. Facial cleansing wipes are still practical when traveling, but if you have the time, you should definitely use the Cleanser. Safety first.


The older we and our skin get, the more needs it has. Once you've figured out what your skin needs, you should definitely incorporate treatments into your routine. For example, weekly masks or peels. Or you can also use a serum that is tailored to your skin – depending on whether it is dry, impure or "normal". In general, you should not use too many products, as this can often overwhelm the skin. The result: it reacts with impurities and co. And that is exactly what we do not want.


An absolute basic and actually included in almost every care routine: a moisturizer. While young, youthful skin needs more light textures, our skin needs more moisture with increasing age. If you are afraid to take care of them, you can also opt for rather light formulations, but which still have enough care effects. Make sure that it contains antioxidants, for example. Facial oils can also do the hydration job. What works best for you depends, of course, on your own skin and your preference. For skin that tends to blemishes, there are special formulations that care and regulate sebum production at the same time.

Eye care

Yes, everyone needs eye care. And no, day care under the eye is not enough. The fresh, young, firm skin that we had when we were in our early 20s just doesn't look exactly the same at 28. This is due to collagen production, which decreases with increasing age. We also often notice everyday stress, for example, on our skin – for example on swollen eyes or dark circles. Therefore, it can work wonders if we focus on eye care early on. Here too there are very rich, brightening or firming formulations. It is only important that you do not neglect eye care.


Last but not least: sun protection factor. We all know that the sun ages our skin faster. We can prevent this by using a sun protection factor on the face every day. This can either be care with the included sun protection factor or you can use extra sun protection. A good SPF should protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Then you (and your skin) are definitely safe!