5 sunny action films to watch on Prime Video

To go on vacation by proxy with a good dose of extra adrenaline, here are 5 films that combine spectacular with solar: Road House, Mermaids, 22 Jump Street, Shotgun Wedding as well as Freelance.

Sometimes, after a busy week, all you need is a good dose of fighting, explosions and quality stunts. But we must admit that it’s even better when we add a heavenly decor to this explosive cocktail, perfect for forgetting the gray surroundings.

Here are 5 action films to raise the temperature, to watch in streaming on Prime Video.

22 Jump Street // Source: Sony Pictures
22 Jump Street. // Source: Sony Pictures

Road House on Prime Video, the remake under the Florida sun

Do you miss the atmosphere of 1980s action films? Road Houseversion 2024, resurrects the no-nonsense atmosphere of the original 1989 film with Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing).

Jake Gyllenhaal (Spider-Man: Far From Home) dons the Hawaiian shirt of the main character, a bar bouncer who is fleeing his past as an MMA fighter. As he tries to keep a low profile, he confronts a violent local gang.

In Road House, martial arts fans will also recognize legend Conor McGregor as an obviously very nasty villain. If this nostalgic film does not revolutionize anything, it still has the merit of offering solid fighting sequences, led by actors with bulging muscles. And that’s already it.

  • To see if you liked: Road House (the original); Point Break ; Bloodsport ; The Fata WeaponTHE ; Rage in the Stomach ; John Wick
  • To see if you are looking for: action ; fighting; suspense; Martial Arts ; humor ; nostalgia for the 1980s; unplug your brain; golden casting; without the fuss ; violence ; see Jake Gyllenhaal as a bar bouncer with Hawaiian shirt and chocolate bar option

Mermaids on Prime Video, the shock duo under the Nice sun

Leïla Balana is an expert in criminology who adapts to almost any terrain: when it comes to apprehending criminals live, it’s more complicated. She is then associated with Alison Flesh, a rebellious police captain, to track down a serial killer in Nice, who murders men guilty of sexist and sexual violence.

In the vein of the wonderful series Killer Coasteralso on Prime Video, Mermaids features an improbable duo of cops “buddy movie” feminine.

Alice Pol (Crazy Raid) and Shirine Boutella (Lupine) have a great time in this unpretentious feminist comedy, which perfectly respects its specifications: to take our minds off things for an hour and a half in good company.

  • To see if you liked: Killer Coaster ; HPI ; Charlie’s Angels ; Thieves ; The City of Fear ; The lethal Weapon ; Miss Detective
  • To see if you are looking for: action ; comedy; police officer ; humor ; shock duo; unplug your brain; golden casting; without the fuss ; feel good ; hear Alice Pol and Shirine Boutella sing Celine Dion in karaoke

22 Jump Street on Prime Video, the explosive sequel under the sun of spring break

In 2012, Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Great Lego Adventure) would dust off 21 Jump Streeta cult series from the 1980s, to transform it into a hilarious police comedy with Channing Tatum (Magic Mike) and Jonah Hill (Don’t Look Up).

Two years later, a sequel was released, still featuring a tasty duo between Schmidt and Jenko, cops and best friends in the world. After infiltrating a high school, the two broken arms launch an attack on a university, to dismantle drug trafficking.

Right in the middle of spring breaka more than festive period for American students, 22 Jump Street thus once again enjoys inverting all the stereotypes to establish itself as a meta comedy, conscious of the multiple references that it invokes every second. A sequel certainly less attractive than its predecessor, but still just as crazy.

  • To see if you liked: 21 Jump Street ; Almost Secret Agents ; Starsky and Hutch ; Very Bad Cops ; rush hour ; Bad Boys
  • To see if you are looking for: action ; comedy; humor ; parody; police officer ; fighting; explosions; unplug your brain; golden casting; offset; without the fuss ; infiltration; shock duo; university ; see Jonah Hill get attacked by an octopus and Channing Tatum show off his muscles (again) on the beach
22 Jump Street // Source: Sony Pictures22 Jump Street // Source: Sony Pictures

Shotgun Wedding on Prime Video, the wedding under the tropical sun

Just imagine: you are rich and you rented a desert island in the Philippines just for your grand wedding. But this seemingly dreamlike scenario turns sour when you keep getting into trouble with your future husband, but above all, when all your guests are taken hostage by a local criminal gang. This is the completely crazy pitch of Shotgun Weddingworthy of a wedding cake filled with strange ingredients.

Clearly, you will not select this film to improve the connection between your neurons or to think in depth about romantic relationships. But if all you need is to see singer Jennifer Lopez beat up bad guys in wedding attire, against a backdrop of endless explosions, to occupy a rainy Sunday afternoon, then you’re spot on. at a good place.

  • To see if you liked: Love at first sight in Manhattan ; Plan B ; Mr and Mrs Smith ; The Secret of the Lost City ; Ticket to Paradise
  • To see if you are looking for: action ; comedy; humor ; romance; unintentionally parody; unplug your brain; without the fuss ; the worst marriage in the world; see Lenny Kravitz fight; witness a grenade launch with a baseball bat

Freelance on Prime Video, the interview under the Paldonie sun

At the start of the 2000s, French director Pierre Morel reigned over American action cinema with the saga Taken. In 2023, he left Liam Neeson’s revenge for John Cena’s big arms (Fast & Furious) with Freelance. He plays Mason, a retired special forces officer who is now bored with his life as a lawyer.

He then decides to retrain in private security and finds himself responsible for the protection of Claire, a journalist responsible for interviewing the dictator of Paldonia, in South America. When a coup d’état breaks out and the army takes power, the three of them will have to flee into the jungle…

Freelance is a somewhat indigestible survival film, which almost becomes a parody of itself, by dint of blowing up helicopters in all directions and abusing second degree every second. But the presence of the always impeccable Alison Brie (Community) raises the level of this brainless action comedy, which rushes headlong towards caricature, particularly of journalism, but which has the merit of disorienting us.

  • To see if you liked: The Secret of the Lost City ; The interview that kills ; Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle ; Taken ; Fubar
  • To see if you are looking for: action ; comedy; adventure ; humor ; survival; jungle; Rebellion ; journalism; unplug your brain; without the fuss ; dictator; explosions; the big arms of John Cena; put a film in the background to take your mind off things for a few hours
Source: Numerama EditingSource: Numerama Editing

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