5 things to keep you healthy when you are stressed!

Tired of self-optimization? We also. Therefore, here are a few very easy tricks on how to take out a bit of steam and let out one or the other cold.

Somehow we all always have too much on our minds – and we are also prone to illness in autumn. But it doesn't have to be: We have a few suggestions on how this can be changed quickly.

1. It doesn't cost anything to ask!

Is everything too much right now? Then get some help. Ask your colleague, neighbor, the other mother from school if they can do something for you. Specifically, work, children or shopping. The extra hour you gain can really help de-stress your life and strengthen your immune system. For example, by simply lying down on the couch. And that brings us to the next point.

2. Go to sleep.

We always have to get out too early. In addition, it is widely praised how successful early risers are. Then in turn we read all the time how sick sleep deprivation makes us. All bullshit! New rule: enough sleep twice a week. You can do that. If necessary with a nap on Saturday or Sunday at noon. No time? Then at least bring some calm and quiet, for example with a book in the bathtub.

3. Get out!

Outside is vitamin D, which in turn is great for so many things. For example, low-light depression is also linked to low vitamin D levels. Pills can help, but we should definitely see daylight. After all, outside there is not only light, but also other beautiful things such as wind and colorful leaves or very light snow that can blow your head clear and improve your mood extremely. Of course, exercise outdoors is ideal. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be 15 kilometers of jogging, just half an hour's walk is enough to strengthen the immune system. Go straight to the next café …

4. Eat a little better.

For example foods high in vitamin D such as oily fish. It is clear that we don't just want to put salad in us in the winter months. We don't want to become more papal here than the Pope. That's why we want to eat a little better. With gingerbread and chips, such a ginger tea with fresh lemon is sometimes very good for digestion – and also great for the immune system. Stew, for example with lentils or other legumes, is also very healthy. You can mix fresh orange juice with sparkling wine and spinach pizza is at least healthier than one with salami on it.

5. Sex.

It doesn't have to be seven times a week, but a little GM every now and then is always good. For the nerves, for the immune system, for the mood. By the way, hugging helps, being nice and a few pats never hurt. If that's not enough: More information is available here. Otherwise: kiss more. That strengthens our defenses enormously – and you can really do that for your health. Or?