5 things to know about Creed 3: record budget, absence of Rocky, kilos of muscle from Michael B. Jordan…

On the occasion of the release of “Creed III”, here are five things to know about this boxing film worn by Michael B. Jordan.

What is it about ? Idol of boxing and surrounded by his family, Adonis Creed has nothing more to prove. Until the day when his childhood friend, Damian, also a boxing prodigy, resurfaces. Barely out of prison, Damian is ready to do anything to get into the ring and regain his rights. Adonis then plays his survival, facing an adversary determined to annihilate him.

Creed (2016) cost $35 million, Creed II (2019) $50 million, and Creed III $75 million (the first film grossed close to $174 million worldwide and the second $214 million).

For comparison, Rocky (1977) generated 225 million dollars for a budget of 960,000, Rocky II (1980) 200 million for 7 million, Rocky III (1983) 125 million for 17 million, Rocky IV (1986) 300 million for 30 million, Rocky V (1990) 120 million for 42 million, and Rocky Balboa (2006) 156 for 24 million.

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Michael B.Jordan

Sylvester Stallone is not back as Rocky (a first for the famous boxing franchise that began in 1976). At IGN’s microphone, Michael B. Jordan clarified the reasons for this absence: “I know Sly revealed he won’t be returning for Creed III but you know there will always be the spirit and the essence of Rocky in this saga. There will always be a bit of Rocky in Adonis Creed. “

“However, it’s a Creed franchise. We really wanted to build this story and this universe around Adonis to allow him to move forward, to emancipate himself. We have a lot of respect for everything he has built. Now we want to showcase Adonis and his family. And I think the audience is going to like what we’re up to. It’s going to be a really special episode.”

A decision that did not please the interpreter of Rocky. According to the latter, Jordan takes the saga to a “dark space”taking a very different path from how he perceives the characters: “It’s the classic move. They pick up a few aspects of Rocky here and there without even asking my opinion or if I want to be part of it”he laments, also referring to the announcement of the spin-off on Drago.

“They took the opposite direction to what I would have taken. It’s a different philosophy, that ofIrwin Winkler and Michael B. Jordan. I wish them good luck, but on my side, I am much more of a sentimentalist. I like my heroes getting punched, but I don’t want them going into this dark space. I think audiences see enough darkness already.”ends the 76-year-old actor.

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Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan

To be credible as a sharp boxer, Michael B. Jordan followed an even more radical program than for previous films. With a rhythm of six days of training per week, he managed to reach his goal with 15 kilos of muscle mass and more. Jonathan Majors, meanwhile, revealed that he consumes almost 6,000 calories a day to gain muscle, alongside his training in boxing and weight training. In total, he gained 12 kilos for the purposes of the film.

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Tessa Thompson, Mila Davis-Kent and Michael B. Jordan

We find in the casting José Benavidez, ex-welterweight champion, winner of the Golden Gloves and 11 times holder of the title of national champion. For his first film role, he plays Felix Chavez – whom Adonis and Duke vouch for – who plays a decisive match with Damian. Benavidez became the youngest Golden Gloves champion ever by winning the title at just 16 years old.

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Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan and cinematographer Kramer Morgenthau chose to shoot with IMAX-certified digital cameras and use the IMAX image format – which saves up to 26% more image. Morgenthau says: “It was frankly exhilarating to be able to use IMAX cameras on set, especially since our goal was to make the film universe as immersive and visceral as possible for the acrobatic sequences.”

“That was our approach: there was something profoundly magical there, especially for the scene at Dodger Stadium where Michael Jordan steps into the ring: the aspect ratio expands, the two black bars disappear and we obtain a gigantic, magnificent, powerful image. This device gives the whole an unprecedented scale of extreme precision. The fact of being the first sports film to use such a process was a real artistic asset.”

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