5 things you should always have with you in times of Corona

1. A protective mask

Obviously, but essential. In times of corona, the protective mask has become indispensable. With it we protect each other and against germs and possible infection by the pathogen. In the meantime, she has been a constant companion for us – whether when shopping, in the pub or at the doctor – nothing works without the mask.

2. Disinfectant

Another classic – without the disinfectant you only feel like half a person, right? The lifesaver in need who removes the germs from our hands when we come into contact with something or even someone despite a safe distance. The little hero is an integral part of every handbag.

3. An EC or credit card

Scientists from the University Clinic in Essen found around 3,000 types of bacteria on a five-euro note – including faecal bacteria, salmonella, but also pathogens that cause udder inflammation in cows. Yuck! Virologist Christian Drosten said in his NDR podcast that Corona is unlikely to be transmitted through banknotes. The fact is, however, that anyone who pays with a card minimizes contact with the cashier.

4. Strong nerves

Whether the annoying breathing mask, longer waiting times in front of the supermarket or irritated people. Without strong nerves, many would already put their heads in the sand. To reduce stress, for example, the good old sport – key point is to release happiness hormones. So pick it up and get started!

5. Water in bulk!

Yes, sure. Water is essential for survival and we should drink a lot anyway to feel good. But especially in the current time, it is particularly important to supply the body with sufficient water. This way, the mucus remains moist and supplied with blood and better protect us from possible pathogens. Another advantage: water purifies the body, stimulates digestion and makes our skin glow – so get your hands on the tap!

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