5 tips spotted on tiktok to keep your candles properly

Is your candle not burning evenly? Does it emit black smoke? Stock up on ideas for storing your candles on TikTok.

With more time at home, candle videos have become a staple on TikTok, the popular app that took over the basics of Musical.ly and Vine. In addition to being a decorative object, once lit, the candles also bring us a cocooning and relaxing atmosphere with their wonderful scents, a much-needed comfort in this time of health crisis. DIYs to make twisted candles, homemade candles, coffee candles or birthday cake candles … TikTok teaches us everything. The app even shows us how to store our candles better. With these 5 trending techniques on TikTok, extend the life of your scent wonders and never make the most common candle mistakes again.

1 / During the first lighting: Let the candle burn

In order for the wax to melt all over the surface, and to prevent a kind of crater from forming in the middle, let your candle burn for at least an hour the first time you light it. Like us, candles have what you might call a “memory”, that is, if you extinguish it the first time before the wax melts to the edge of the candle, it will continue to build up. dig more and more in the middle each time it is turned on.

2 / But if there is already a crater, surround your candle with aluminum foil

There is nothing more annoying than a hole forming in the center of the candle. So how do you find a uniform candle? Wrap it with aluminum foil, without covering the top of the candle, and in not even an hour, your candle will be like new!

3 / Be careful: place the candle on a coaster or ceramic

Even if your candle looks nice on the window sill, avoid lighting it on a flammable or unstable surface. To use your candle safely and to protect your furniture, place it on a coaster or ceramic, materials that absorb heat well. Also, away from a draft, the candle will burn more slowly. We spotted videos to make your own coasters!

4 / To never see black smoke again: buy a wick cutter

Ideally, cut the wick 1 centimeter from the surface of the wax. When the candle is lit, too long a wick will induce a slight cloud of black smoke (which is very painful if you have white walls) and an unevenly distributed wax burn.

5 / The end of wastage: how to recover the wax from the bottom of the candle

It is not advisable to let your candle burn to the end as the jar may explode, or even cause a household fire. How to get the wax that can no longer be burnt at the bottom of the candle? There are two possibilities. The first option is to put the candle in the freezer for a few hours, and the wax will shrink and fall out when you turn the jar upside down and touch it with a knife. Alternatively, as the video shows you, you can also pour boiling water into the container to melt the wax, and a few hours later the wax will rise to the surface on its own. Fill another container with the remains of your old candles, put a wick in the middle, and here is a new homemade candle!